Thursday, 24 January 2008

Getting productive

I've been feeling better the last few days and I am starting to make effective use of my time off work.

I finished my first mitten.

I assembled the blocks that I made on the Mystery Quilt day at Sisters in July. The colours were chosen from the border focus fabric, but I don't really like this top, it's not me. I can imagine it in a Mondrian modern bedroom, I am more a Laura Ashley girl. Not sure what I am going to do with this one. With the wide borders, it's about a Queen size.

I made a wall hanging as a gift for a friend who loves cats and who has moved to a turreted farmhouse in France. The cat pattern was published on last year, originally with 9 of these blocks to make a wallhanging. I just used one block, and I included a portrait of her farmhouse for the cat to look at.

I finished a cover for my hot water bottle. The knitting is somewhat uneven because I was trying to train myself to knit without looking at the needles, after seeing the Yarn Harlot on YouTube being interviewed by a journalist and she didn't once look down at her sock that she was knitting on dpns. I found I was successful only about 80% of the time, the other 20% I was dropping stitches or making accidental yarn-overs. I made up this pattern myself, I knit the body of the cover flat, then seamed along the top leaving a gap for the neck. Then I picked up for the neck in the round, and knit enough to cover the top, then bound off with a three-needle bind off. Then I seamed the single side seam. The bottle slips in from the bottom of the 'sweater'.

I put together two of my 1/24th scale Miss Lydia Pickett kits, the Side Table and the Side Chair from the living room set. These both went together easily, and there is a really nice touch of having artwork inside the drawer of the table that looks like vintage papers. The books and postcards on the table also came with the Side Table kit.


dot said...

You have been very productive. I love the mitten.

swooze said...

Love all your work. How are you coming along on your healing? I need to check out the house to see what progress has been made there as well. Have a great week!

Greenmare said...

Oh my goodness!!! that mitten is FABULOUS!!! Just beautiful! and the cat wallhanging is VERY lovely! Nice job putting the house in the background~

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