Monday, 14 January 2008

Scary stuff...

Today I applied for a new job at work, a full-time role (I am currently part-time) which is one level up from my current role so it would be a promotion. I am alternating between feeling empowered and righteous for taking my sagging career by the horns, and terrified at the prospect of change and having to cope with new demands and responsibilities, not to mention the upheaval to our family routine. Of course, I don't even know if I will get an interview yet at this stage. But I tell you, it is sure taking my mind off the prospect of my nose surgery this Saturday. It was also nice to send my current boss a courtesy note to tell her I was applying for something else.

The additional pale blue background fabric I was waiting for has turned up, to finish my vintage string stars top after running out of it. I knew exactly what to order because the blue fabric was left over from my vintage lone star (I thought) and I had recorded in my blog that it was Kona Dresden Blue. Aren't blogs useful? like an achievement diary. However, after appliquing the final string star to the square I cut from the new fabric, and seaming it into the top, I moved onto the final step of trimming up the vertical rows prior to the last two seams. That's when I noticed that the Dresden Blue is in fact a different fabric completely, more grey than what I've used on all the other squares. I can't face unpicking the invisible thread applique, so I am going to call it a design feature. Talk about having a senior moment (I'm 46 by the way). I guess the blue fabric I used first must have come from something else.

Saturday Club was fun. I seamed together several more strips of FQs, which will eventually be made up into quilt backings. It is really fun to do that sort of mindless pressing and sewing, when you've got company chatting around you. The first two blocks of the BOM went down well, and a few of the ladies had theirs finished by the end of the day. Someone asked if they could have the next set of instructions early - I haven't even written them yet! So, no, sorry.

I am really enjoying my fair isle Norwegian mitten. I've just put the thumb stitches onto waste yarn and am moving up through the main chart - it is so exciting seeing the pattern appear. I've switched to using two circular needles, as I found trying to manage the dpns at the same time as trying to manage the floats was just too much for me. I am finding the two circular needles much easier to manage, and there are only two places where I have to be careful about train tracks instead of four.

Wish me luck for getting an interview for this job. The only thing is that it will likely not be until after my two weeks off work, so I will be interviewing with a big scar, or a big bandaid, on my nose. Hopefully that won't put them off.


swooze said...

I hoped to bump into you at chat to ask what redundancy meant. I guess it is permission to seek a new job within the company. I wish you the best on the job search and on the surgery.

swooze said...

About that nose surgery. Is this the one where they take a flap from your forehead and overlap it onto your nose?

Kathy Wagner said...

Good luck with getting the job fingers and toes are crossed! Good for you for taking a big step and trying something new. I just love it when people go ahead and try things even though they're scared.

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