Thursday, 17 January 2008

Some pics

Here is the assembled vintage string star top, although my hallway isn't wide enough to fully spread it out. I found these 9 vintage string star blocks in a basket at an antiques dealer in Paducah, in the downtown quilter's mall in 2005. They were set with the most disgusting see-through cheesecloth, that basically fell off when I cut a few threads. I purposefully chose a new background that wasn't too high-contrast, because the stars are fairly wonky, and appliqued the stars to 20 inch squares. I would guess the stars date back to the 40s or 30s, and they have a wonderfully broad selection of fabrics in them. Even some of the horizontal pieces are pieced from smaller pieces. Hopefully the lady that made them is looking down and is pleased that they are now part of a top.

I am getting on quite well with my Norwegian mitten, and feel much more confident about the fair isle technique which is new to me. My tension is getting more consistent, although I am still having to watch the stitches where the two circular needles are joined. I blocked a portion of the cuff with steam just to check my gauge, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I am getting the correct gauge of 7 stitches to the inch. This is knit in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino yarn, which I really like. The red is the leftover from my gloves. I've been wearing my gloves almost every day and they are surprisingly warm, considering that the fabric is not bulky, but then they are pure wool.
This is the pattern on the palm and you can see where I have left stitches on waste yarn for the thumb.

1 comment:

swooze said...

I love what you did with those blocks. It is a nice setting. You are so clever.

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