Tuesday, 5 February 2008

I got an interview!

I found out today that I have an interview for the new job I applied for , next Wednesday. There are six applicants for the job, so I didn't know if I would get an interview or not. So I'm pleased but also nervous. I went back to work on Monday, after two weeks off. It felt very strange to be putting on work clothes/shoes again (and make-up) and I found the day strangely exhausting - I went to bed at 9 pm because I couldn't keep my eyes open. I'm not used to doing stuff all day after two weeks at home.

I had my stitches out last Wednesday night. The surgeon is pleased because the graft has taken and is healing well, but he's not sure he got all the cancer. He needs to review the pathology results and may cut a little bit more away under a local (one stitch) in four weeks. I was pretty horrified when he let me look in a mirror - we're talking Night of the Living Dead here - a big patch of dead white skin graft oozing blood all around, with big red stitch marks radiating in all directions, it was pretty gross. A week later and it has improved, the perimeter is mostly healed and the non-oozing stitch marks have faded away. But I am covering it up with skin-coloured tape when I go to work. He said in 2 to 3 months it will be much better, although still white, but I will be able to apply make-up to make it less obvious. The graft is a bit bigger than a quarter, so pretty much on show. But it doesn't hurt at all any more and I feel fine.

So what have I been up to? On Saturday I travelled up to London to meet up with some gals off Ravelry (a knitting community site) to do some knitting in the cafe of the Wellcome Institute for a few hours. It was good to talk knitting with other people who are really into it - I took my lace sock and worked a few more rows on it. On the "way home", I managed to fit in two knitting shops: All the Fun of the Fayre off Carnaby Street where I got some Regia sock wool on sale, and Liberty's department store.

Thursday and Friday I mostly spent making 25 sets of little straw handbags and change purses, for a swap that I am doing in May (but I have to post them off before the end of the month). These are in 1/12th scale, and the handbag idea was from a dollshouse magazine. They are pictured on a side plate to give some idea of size.

I've nearly finished my second Norwegian mitten, I'm just coming up to the tip of the thumb. The new Rowan issue 43 arrived, and had several things in it that I want to make. I managed to score 15 balls of Rowan Denim in shade Memphis from Ebay, so I am going to make 'Mustang' which is a denim jumper with a lacy yoke. The main part is stockinette, so I might break out the chunky knitting machine if I can be bothered to get it all set up. I really liked 'Dauphine' but didn't have any luck finding Rowan Cottan Glace cheaply anywhere, the best price I could come up with was £80 ($160) to knit it, and there is no way I'm paying that. The new Vogue Knitting Winter issue also turned up yesterday. I was reading it just before bedtime, and ended up having weird yarn dreams all night (don't ask). I went to Borders last week and bought a book called "The Knitted Teddy Bear" which has some absolutely adorable bears in it, with clothes, so I think that will be my next small project after the mitten.

My Orenburg Lace yarn turned up from Discontinued Yarns in America, but I won't be ordering from them again because (despite my email request to the contrary) they sent it plastered in commercial logos so of course it got stopped by Customs and the charges amounted to 50% of the order. I emailed them to tell them this and didn't even get the courtesy of a reply. It was still cheaper overall than buying it in the UK, but it's annoying.

And I have done a little sewing - I assembled the blocks for the Jellystone top and have started adding the first borders.

Now I have to stop blogging because dh is home, and I am making pancakes for supper because it is Pancake Day! I have managed to train my family in the strange North American custom of mixing bacon and eggs with pancakes and syrup - very foreign to the British who often just put lemon and sugar on their pancakes/crepes.


swooze said...

Oooh congrats on the interview! You will do great. Have your hubby ask you questions to practice. I can send you my list that I ask of my interviwees.

Glad the nose is healing. Even if the surgeon has to take more it is best that he knows now and handles it rather than letting it get out of control! You are a beautiful person....no matter what the outside looks like.

Pancakes! I will be right over! Yum! I love breakfast for dinner.

I am on ravelry too.

Kathy Wagner said...

So glad to hear your two pieces of good news...that you are healing well after surgery, and that you are getting an interview! Congratulations!

swooze said...

You have been tagged to post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog. See my blog for the "rules".

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