Monday, 18 February 2008

My weekend away

I haven't posted for ages, it was a busy week and then we were away for the weekend. A few people have asked how my interview went on Wednesday. I have to say that it didn't go particularly well, I had an unexpected attack of nerves near the beginning, and did a lot of babbling. I guess it was partly because I haven't had an interview for years, and partly because the reality (enormity) of what I was doing suddenly hit me. However, to my surprise, they subsequently included me in the writing test which they gave to all three of the people they interviewed. I had to conduct a mock interview by telephone, then write a 300 word article based on the information I gained. I handed the article in today, and they have said that I will hear back from them later in the week. I am hopeful, and yet also nervous that I might actually get it and then my life will change a lot.

I finished my teddy bear. He doesn't have any clothes yet because when I knit up the jacket pattern from the book, it was too big for him. I am trying my own smaller version but haven't finished it yet. He is knit in 4-ply wool/acrylic blend on 2.75mm needles.

My weekend away was to attend the Minis4All Dollshouse Weekend up in Walsall (about a three hour drive north from us). My husband kindly agreed to chauffeur me up there, with the lure of a hotel swimming pool. Sadly for him, the pool was closed all weekend and the hotel turned out to be really sub-standard. I wasn't expecting much, as the weekend is quite affordable, but it took us four goes to get into a room (one of the keys they gave us did actually work, but someone else was already in the room lying on the bed!) and there were all sorts of other minor problems for many guests. It didn't bother me too much since I was busy all weekend, and dh cheered up on Saturday when he spent a lovely sunny day exploring the area.

I booked up several 3-hour workshops in advance, and had a pleasant time just making things and chatting to other miniaturists. The weekend is all organised by volunteers who did a great job. I met some really nice people (but also a few that I would just as soon not meet again...) and it was nice to have a break away from the normal routine. We stashed ds at his grandparents, and collected him on the way home on Sunday.

I assembled this Savonarola folding chair, based on a Tudor original, in a workshop with McQueenie Miniatures who make a range of precision cut wooden kits.

I assembled and finished these two traditional hall chairs, in yew wood, in a workshop with Paul Ki-Kydd.

I wove the 'wicker' to build this ottoman with Iris Boughton. She had a really neat method where we wove the wicker in one straight line, then folded it up afterwards into the box shape. The weaving took about an hour and a half and really strained my eyes after a while. I also bought a room box kit from her to make up some other day. I think this was my favorite workshop from the weekend.

Then I was back with McQueenie again to assemble this Cheval mirror, which I am going to use in my knitting shop once it is waxed and put together.

Sunday morning I made this marquetry table top with Les McBirnie, which isn't finished because he thought we were doing a four hour workshop but it was really only three hours, so it all turned into a mad rush at the end.

I also participated in two swaps, and received this lovely bread cutter from a German participant - apparently this is what they use to cut their bread - and this beautiful glass decanter.

Dh and I managed to squeeze in a quick visit to Bantock House, a lovely Edwardian house in Wolverhampton, before we shot off back down the motorway. It was a nice break, although I am not sure I will go again - perhaps if they move it to a different hotel, or if there are workshops I really want to do. On the plus side, while we were driving I turned the heel of my Lorna's Lace sock and am making good progress decreasing down the gussets. And I haven't done any sewing at all, but I have to make a sample log cabin block soon for the BOM I am running, because my Saturday Sewing club is on this weekend. Another local club is running a trip to visit a long arm quilter's studio tomorrow, which I am hoping to get in on. Should be interesting, although I will never have the money or the room to own a long arm of my own.


swooze said...

I love seeing all your miniatures. Lovely work!

I am thinking and sending positive thoughts your way on the job interview that it turns out well for you. Would love to read your article if it is something you are allowed to share.

Penny said...

Those miniatures all look lovely: they must hav been very fiddly to make.

Greenmare said...

oh my goodness! what adorable little things! I can't believe you wove that wicker chest!!!!! wow!

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