Saturday, 1 March 2008

Lovely day in London

I've had a lovely day up in London today. I went up to join a group of London Ravellers (an online knitting group) who met up at the Wellcome Institute in their cafe for three hours of knitting. I took my Silver Belle cable cardigan which is coming along well, and enjoyed great conversation and great knitting. Afterwards I took the Tube to Victoria then walked up past Buckingham Palace and through St. James Park. There were seas of daffodils all nodding in the breeze in the sunshine and lots of Londoners and tourists out enjoying the lovely park. I walked over Westminster Bridge just as Big Ben chimed 3 p.m. overhead, the Thames river glinting in the sunshine. Sometimes I just can't believe how lucky I am to live here - if I had stayed in Canada I am sure I would be a lonely spinster on antidepressants in an apartment that smelled like cats.

Much nicer than getting a bill from DHL for customs duty and sales tax on my Denise needles which I had ordered from I thought I had got away with it when the needles turned up last week, but then the separate bill arrived a few days later for almost 50% of the cost. Grrrr. I am using the Denise needles now on my Silver Belle, having moved up to a 3.75mm needle (the smallest in the Denise package) as the 3.25 mm was giving a stiff fabric. At first the Denise needles felt a little flimsy as they are hollow plastic, and the cable seemed really thick, but I am getting used to them now and appreciating how wonderfully light they are. I also switched to a long length cable by simply unplugging the cable I was using, and plugging in the longer one, which is great.

I also received a nice squishy from Equilter, with some more yards of solid blue fabric (after ordering the wrong one before). It's still not exactly the same shade, so I am going to take a swatch of the original blue over to Chicago with me to match up. Still, I love getting crafty things in the post. I have two online miniatures conventions coming up in March and May, and have started getting some of the kits for those in the post which is fun. I think this may be at the root of my magazine addiction, the joy of getting something in the post. I've just subscribed to another knitting magazine, a British one called 'Yarn Forward'. It's a sickness, what can I say


Penny said...

I've heard that customs and excise are getting quite aggressive with their import duties: it must be very frustrating to be caught out.

Kathy Wagner said...

Daffodils?!?! You lucky duck!
We are getting freezing rain, ice pellets and snow tonight...having some fun!

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