Monday, 10 March 2008

Micro Minis, and Miss Lydia Pickett

I did a lot of dollshousing this weekend. It was the Micro Minis online convention (a Yahoo group for people who do very small scales such as 144th scale). This did not have much actual activity over the weekend, but there was a lot of stuff leading up to the weekend such as Roundtable and workshop kits for sale.

I bought three of these lovely 'Room in a Hat Box' kits from Anita McNary Lahue, which came complete with all materials including the laser cut furniture kits. Two friends and I sat down Sunday morning and started these, and I finished it up on Monday morning. I am really pleased with it. I think it looks sort of 'old time Hollywood' glamorous.

On Saturday I made this little sewing room, which is about 3/4 inch high and about one inch square. The furniture is painted metal miniatures (the desk is a piece of ply on top of two nightstands), and the coffee table is a rivet.

Saturday morning we had to drive to Guildford, Surrey, and while there I took the opportunity to visit a craft store called 'Pandora' which a friend had told me about. For a British shop, it has quite a well stocked knitting area, and I enjoyed going around and fondling all the yarns, which included some brands that I had heard about on the internet but not actually seen such as Noro and Mirasol. Of course I had to buy something, and came away with two skeins of Noro Silk Garden, which I have never tried. I am making a scarf out of it, and can't put it down because it is so much fun to see the colour changes. This yarn has a bad reputation for knots and vegetable matter, but I knit through the first skein with only one knot and the vegetable matter is pretty small.

Miss Lydia Pickett

Tonight after work I finished up several Miss Lydia Pickett 1/24th scale kits that I had waiting, from my monthly club run by Judith of In Some Small Way.

The Occasional Table wasn't too hard apart from glueing the whole structure together. I took the advice in the instructions and glued the microscopic filigree trim onto the legs before cutting the legs out of their backing. Stupidly, I managed to throw away the little oval rim for the top of the table, which is why my plexiglass insert is just sitting there and not inserted into anything.

This little box which is about a half-inch square was an extra with the Occasional Table kit, and went together easily. Unlike the last box I tried in this kit range, this time I glued the sides onto the top/bottom, one at a time, rather than following the kit instructions which say to glue the sides first, then add the top/bottom. I found it much easier to handle the tiny pieces this way and to keep it square.

The Wall Shelf with Plates looked like it should go together easily, yet I managed to glue the back too low down on the shelves, by lining it up at the bottom with the lower edge of the side pieces. In fact it should have gone 1/8th inch higher. This meant that I had to trim my top piece of art because my gap wasn't as big. The big disappointment about this kit, for me, was the plates. In the picture, these look lovely, but it turns out that the picture must be from the 1/12th scale kit which apparently comes supplied with Chrysnbon plates and bowls. In 1/24th scale, the advice is to just cut out the art and gild the edges, and glue on. This means that only the plates can be made, and they don't look nearly as realistic. I 'cupped' them by pressing them into a mouse mat, and they look ok if you don't look too closely, but it is still disappointing. I was expecting some laser cut wooden disks at least, to glue the art to.
So that was my weekend, along with all the usual household chores and family peacekeeping. We had a terrible storm last night and when I checked my knitting shed today, it has started to leak again. But it isn't too bad, so my temporary patch must be partially holding. We went to the hardware store and bought more roofing felt, adhesive and nails yesterday, in preparation for an Easter weekend roofing extravaganza.

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