Friday, 7 March 2008

Suffering from Quilter's Block

I haven't done ANY sewing whatsoever this week. My vintage log cabin strips are sitting next to my sewing machine in my bedroom, so I see them every time I go in there, but they are not calling to me. In fact, as my stress levels have been rather higher than usual the last few months, and in combination with the grey chilly weather outside, all that I seem to feel like doing is snuggling down on the sofa with my knitting. Somehow the textures and tacticality of knitting is much more soothing to me, and the simple mechanical quality of making stitches.

But Spring is with us, although there are still heavy frosts on many mornings, and I have been enjoying daffodils and crocuses (crocii?) in my garden. Even my Rosemary bushes are blooming, and yesterday I saw a bumblebee which seems a bit crazy, I didn't think they were meant to be out this early. Perhaps my quilter instincts will come to life soon too.

So I'm afraid that all that I have to report this week is a lot of knitting, plus I had dollshouse club on Wednesday night (we started making a Bunka rug). This weekend I am registered with the online Micro Minis convention so that should be fun, and I have two friends coming over Sunday morning for a couple of hours of mini making.

Knitting projects:

- Rowan 'Mustang' jumper from Rowan Magazine 43: Last weekend I got my Brother chunky knitting machine set up and did some tension swatches in preparation for knitting the largely stockinette portions of this jumper. I've now knit the back and most of the front, starting and finishing them on waste yarn. Then I pick up stitches at the bottom of the piece to hand knit the ribbing, and will pick up stitches at the top to knit the lacy yoke. The sleeves will be knit entirely on the machine apart from the ribbed cuffs.

- Silver Belle from Vogue Knitting: By last weekend, I had knit four repeats on the sleeve for a total of 80 rows, which was enough to try the sleeve on my arm. I was upset to find out that it is WAY too small, after all that cabling. The cuff is supposed to be 11 inches and mine is more like 9 inches. I tried wet blocking what I've knit so far, and it will block out but it looks over-stretched. Now I have to decide whether to keep going or whether to start over again with a bigger size.

- Bird in the Hand Knit Along: A gorgeous pair of cherry red mittens with white fair isle patterning. This is being run by the Ready Set Knit podcast, using a gorgeous pattern by Kate Gilbert, and I am thinking it will be my plane project for my trip to Chicago. I am going to knit mine in sock yarn, so I may have to tweak the pattern slightly as the original is in worsted yarn. I've invested in two bamboo circular needles in the hopes that airport security won't be bothered by those.

In fact, the only quilty thing I have done this week is writing instructions for the BOM I am running - I'm trying to get all 11 steps written and photocopied before I change jobs and lose access to a semi-private photocopier.

Hope some Spring is coming your way!


swooze said...

Hang in there. Just keep the blocks next to the machine and they will call soon. Maybe set a goal to sew x minutes per day or x pieces per day. Then if you are into it you can go on.

Penny said...

I like Mustang - it was a good idea of your to use a machine to do the boring bits.

Rhonda said...

I hear you, girlfriend. I can't seem to find anything that interests I'm at a retreat with lots of other quilters hoping for far....nothing! Oh dear.

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