Friday, 11 April 2008

Reporting live from Chicago

I'm on a friend's laptop, using the wireless in the hotel room in Chicago.  This is my second week here and my suitcases are already bulging and I haven't even been to the quilt show yet.  It started tonight with the preview, but I chose instead to go to my new favourite wool shop, The Woolly Lamb, in Rosemont, Chicago.  They have an open knitting night every Thursday which attracts the friendliest group of knitters who even bring wine and snacks.  I went along last week and I enjoyed it so much that I went again this week (thanks Colleen, Barbara and Gladys for giving me lifts to and from the hotel).  I have finished the body of one Bird in the Hand mitten and have reached the thumb gusset on the other.  I also bought 700g of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande Paint which is so  soft and gorgeous.

I'm not going to give a full report now because this laptop keyboard is unfamiliar, but the Tom Bishop show was great.  I loved my class with Rik Pierce and am really pleased with how my version of Ratty's House turned out.  I shipped it home and it arrived safely via DHL, expensive but saved a lot of trouble at the airport with such a huge box.  I bought loads at the show, as thanks to the exchange rate I found a lot of bargains.  I visited a good friend in Indiana at the beginning of this week, and she took me to a Joanne's where I got fabric and various other bits and bobs, and also to an antiques mall where I picked up a few more things.  I also got to the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg (apparently the second largest mall in USA although it didn't seem that big) and got a pile of gifts to take home.    We drove up to Chicago on Wednesday and I helped to unload the van (my friend is a dealer) and to set up her stall.  The show opened tonight but I will go in tomorrow morning for my first pass through all the stalls (oh, and look at the quilts...).  

I fly home Saturday night and, to be honest, I am ready to go home and sleep in my own bed and wear clothes that aren't wrinkled and see my family again.  I have also gained about five pounds eating all these delicious and huge American meals.


Sarah Nopp said...

The trick to NOT gaining the weight on those huge meals is to only eat about one-third LOL
What have you bought? Where are the pictures???

swooze said...

Did you enjoy the show? Sounded a little tiring. I know I am wiped out after going to a show and being there all day. Then add the jetlag to boot.

Good luck on your first day!

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