Sunday, 20 April 2008

SAHM Online Convention

This weekend was once again the Stay At Home Miniaturists Online Convention - hard to believe it's been a whole year since I did the last one. I'm not a SAHM member, but anyone can sign up for the convention. This is the convention that I made 25 straw hats and bags for a while back, so Saturday morning I got to open my goodie bag which had come in the post, with 25 things from other people taking part. I got lots of lovely goodies, sort of like Christmas only teeny tiny.

I took three workshops this year. I couldn't devote the whole weekend to them like I did last year, as in between workshops I was trying to do laundry and deal with unpacking and housework etc. Now that I am full time I am getting home an hour later and also have lost my two days at home, so the household chores are really piling up on me.

The first workshop was to make a chair with Iris Boughton. The kits come in the post ahead of time and then on the day there is a private chat room open with the instructor present to answer any questions, and the instructions posted with full colour photos. I used a fresh gingham fabric as I think this chair might go into my quilting/knitting shop. These kits are all 1/12th scale so this chair is about 4 inches tall.

The second workshop was with Jane Harrop, for a late Victorian ladies' writing desk with all the accessories. This took a long time to finish but looks really great. Sorry the photo is slightly out of focus. Jane provides the cut wood pieces for the desk and chair, all the kits for the accessories and excellent instructions.

The last workshop was with Jan who runs the SAHM convention, to make three silk hats. Oddly enough, I found this workshop the most difficult even though the hats are fairly simple in construction. It was just really hard to get a neat finish and neat joins without glue showing on the silk etc. My hats look good from a distance and will dress up my period lady's bedroom in my big Vic-war-gency house.
I haven't even turned on my sewing machine since getting back from Chicago. The only sewing related activity I have done was to help my elderly deceased friend's relatives who are clearing her house and gave me a huge carload of sewing and knitting related items to pass on to good homes. There were bags of fabric which I passed to a friend who has friends who sew for charity, but I did find a few things that I will be able to use - some nice printed panels and other fabric pieces. There were bags and bags of yarn, which I passed to a woman who belongs to a charity knitting group for the Women's Institute. The funeral is the 28th.
I survived my first three days of my new job. I don't have my own desk yet, I am camping on someone else's desk for a few weeks and won't have my own until likely late May. By Friday afternoon my head felt like it was going to explode, the team is very busy and want to get me up to speed as quickly as possible by dumping huge quantities of information on me. I have joined an internal communications team, and Thursday and Friday I started writing a few short articles to go in their E-newsletter - they are starting me out easy but it is a bit scary how much they want me to take on over time. Fingers crossed that this is going to work out. I feel guilty for spending the weekend doing miniatures instead of reading some of the work stuff, but that way lies madness...

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