Sunday, 18 May 2008

Busy weekend

I've had a busy weekend doing crafty trips out, which is a nice change from my work week. On Saturday I got up early and took the train up to Malvern for the Quilts UK show. It is about 3 hours away by train, then I had to get a bus out to the showground which dropped me about a half mile from the actual entrance which was a pain. The theme this year was to do with architecture, so I had sent in one of my older quilts made from a pattern in QNM because it was so suitable for the theme. I did a good job on piecing the houses but not so good on the border so I was worried that it would have wavy borders at the show. It didn't look too bad, just a bit ripply in a few places. I lurked around it and was pleased to hear several people saying nice things about it and pointing out details on it. After that I was going to do some shopping, but the show was really busy and hot, and to be honest everything seemed so expensive after my recent trip to the Chicago International show. As an example, I bought the Sidewinder bobbin winding gadget in Chicago for about $25, at Malvern I saw it for £26.95 (exchange rate is almost 2 dollars to a pound, so this is over twice as expensive). So instead I got a taxi up into the charming town of Malvern itself and spent a happy couple of hours exploring antique shops and book stores. I found a lovely Royal Albert 'Kentish Rockery' pattern tea set with six settings for only £40, so I joyfully carried that home on the train.

Today I went up to London for the London Kensington dollshouse show, one of the premier dollshouse events in this country. It was a fun show, I met several people I know and got some really nice things for my various houses. When I got home I felt inspired and worked a bit more on my Willowcrest dollshouse, on its landscaping, and also tidied away a lot of the construction stuff that has been in the kitchen since October, but is now hopefully not needed as I am almost finished the construction phase.

And I actually did some sewing this week. Only a tote bag but at least I turned the machine on. This is made out of ancient stash, so ancient that the blue solid had sun damage on it from when I used to keep my stash on a shelf near a window about 10 years ago. I use totebags a lot, and I was carrying around a free one that had an 'Avis' logo on it, when I thought 'I'm a quilter, why aren't I carrying a tote bag I've made myself'. So I copied the Avis bag in quilting fabric. It does feel a bit flimsy though in just a single layer of fabric, I think if I make it again I will add interfacing or a lining.

1 comment:

swooze said...

Your house quilt is lovely! Have you ever shown a picture of your stash?

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