Sunday, 11 May 2008

I don't like being a wage slave...

I went to a communications forum a few weeks ago, and one of the lecturers referred to a model for defining employees in an office building: labelling them as either 'friends' (support the company), 'cynics' (would like to support the company but have suffered some disillusionment or disappointment), 'the dead' (totally apathetic), 'hostages' (wage slaves) and 'terrorists' (actively working against the company by stealing office supplies, vandalism etc.

I am definitely feeling like a hostage these days. I really don't like working full time/full days. Before I was working 3 days in the office quite flexibly, getting in about 9am and leaving at 3 pm to be home for the school run, and 1 day at home, and 1 day off. Now with this new job I am in the office full time and not getting home until 5:45 when I immediately have to start thinking about cooking supper. Over the three weeks I have been on this schedule, the house has entered a sharp decline and clutter is multiplying everwhere, and I'm having trouble even keeping up with basic personal maintenance like laundry and hair washing. I have still been doing some craft but feeling very guilty about it, and every weekend feels like a huge rush to catch up (but never getting there). We keep running out of food because I can't pick it up on the way home any more, and we are living on a succession of quick&easy dinners and takeaways.

To anyone who has always worked full time, this probably sounds like self pitying moaning, but I just don't think I am constitutionally cut out for full time slave work. From June onwards I am going to be allowed to work Fridays at home, so I will see if that makes a difference to my mental well being.

In between doing chores, we have been sitting out in the garden. As we are in a built up suburb, sometimes this is quite noisy, with next door having several grandchildren screaming just the other side of the fence. But most of the time it is quite nice, we put our water fountains on and listen to the birds sing. Right now the garden is blooming, this is my favourite time of year before everything gets diseased and dried out. Here is a picture of my knitting shed covered in clematis, with a shrub I can't remember the name of in full bloom in front of it.

So what have I been doing craft wise? I have been working hard on my Willowcrest dollshouse because I want to get through the construction so I can start the finishing work on the Rik Pierce house I built on my holiday in Chicago. I have started knitting the Sonora Cardigan in linen yarn for summer (although no doubt I will finish it in December). I find linen like knitting string, very non-stretchy and easy to split or accidentally combine stitches, but I am getting used to it. Haven't done any sewing this week apart from alterations on new summer clothing I have bought to try to keep up with the much-younger/much-more-fashionable team that I have joined.


craftingismylife said...

I feel like I was writing your blog myself! I feel the exact same way. Having worked full time for 8 years now, I'm a little more used to a messy house and not doing all those things I used to do. It is a chore just to get home from work let alone have three little "baby birds" with their mouths open looking for dinner! Ha-ha!! All I can recommend is trying to just do one or two things a night like, clean out the sink one night, wash down the stove another night, vacuum the LR one night, etc. This way you won't feel overwhelmed all weekend and things will get done...eventually. It really is unfair that we have to work full time! It's nice that you can work from home on makes working the other days a little bit easier. Good luck and don't let it get you down! We miss you at Woolly Lamb in Chicago! Colleen

Tiffany said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who feels this way! I get totally overwhelmed with trying to work full time and then come home to my "second job" of keeping the house and taking care of the family. I keep telling my husband that I just don't have time to work, but he's not buying it.

Hang in there, and don't feel guilty about doing your crafts. I'm a fine one to talk. At this rate my San Franciscan dollhouse will be finished in 2058 or so. . .

My blog is at

Enjoyed you blog!


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