Monday, 5 May 2008

Mittens for summer

I finished my Bird in Hand mittens today (pattern by Kate Gilbert). It seemed very strange to be weaving in the final ends of yarn on a mitten while my husband was sitting outside on the patio in the sunshine of our 70 degree May weekend. Somehow I don't think I am going to be wearing these for a few months. They have come out fairly well, I am quite pleased with them. I knit these in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino yarn (not the worsted weight that the pattern called for). The final touches were to embroider the features onto the bird that sits on the thumb.

I had my Saturday Sewing Club a few days ago. I called a few people on Friday night, asking them to bring their projects in so I could take a picture. Do you remember about a year ago I was contributing 'slices' to group applique projects? Here is a picture of the almost-finished portrait of one of the first black people in the UK, to which I contributed the left side of the face.

The other one I needed a photo of was the row of Belgian houses. This was the one I felt restricted on, because the owner provided her own fabric for the sky, building and foreground, instead of letting us use our own creativity. My contribution was the cafe. This is the picture so far - the owner is adding more embroidery and embellishment.
We've just had a three day weekend here in the UK. We were supposed to go on our first camping outing for two nights to a local campsite, but my husband had a minor accident with his car on Thursday, and couldn't get a replacement car which had a tow hitch to tow our camping trailer. So we stayed home. But I have still had a nice weekend, I've done lots of work on my dollshouse and we had a lovely morning walk in the Valley Gardens (part of the Crown Estate near Windsor Castle) where all the azaleas were blooming, really glorious. And before I came indoors to blog, I was sipping a Pimms and lemonade while reclining on our garden swing, listening to the birds sing and the fountains play. We only have a small garden really, and later in the season it gets noisy as everyone else is out in their garden. But it was nice today.


swooze said...

I love the pieces. I am so glad you got pictures. The mittens are adorable.

Kathy Wagner said...

Thanks for showing these. I thought the concept was very creative and they have turned out to be so interesting!

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