Sunday, 25 May 2008

Weekly catch-up

This blog is turning into a 'weekly catch-up', which is the name for our endless team meetings that we have in my new job. I have a weekly catch up with my immediate boss (useful), then one with our sub-team (not very useful) and then one with the full team of 8 (neutral on this one) EVERY week, and every second week a catch up with my boss's boss.

I've now been in my new job for more than a month, and I feel that I am climbing back out of the slough of despond where I was wallowing for a few weeks. If you've ever heard of the Emotional Change Curve, you know that any significant change invokes a typical pattern in your emotions which looks like a skipping rope hung between two trees - initial elation, followed by anxiety followed by rock bottom, then tentatively climbing back up, until one day you are back up to the level you started at. This new job was a huge change for me: back to full time work; out of my own office into a big open plan environment; going from being a fairly independent committee secretary to being one of the lower cogs in a team of eight people; going from more-or-less setting my own hours as long as I got the job done, to having to sit at my PC pretending to work between the start/stop time. You will notice that none of these things have to do with the actual work, which I am finding fairly easy. However, my beacon of hope has been that from June, I am being allowed to work Friday's from home, and I am really looking forward to that oasis. Maybe I will also get more time to blog.

So what have I been doing the past week? I am still knitting on the Sonora cardigan with my string-like Katia linen blend yarn. I have done a tiny bit of applique on a block for that 25-block applique quilt I started last year and only got halfway done. I've cut out the pieces for another totebag. And I've been working on my big Willowcrest dollshouse (which has its own blog here) - the outside is now finished and I have started furnishing the inside which is going to be a knitting and quilting shop. So I am winding/sewing lots of little balls of yarn at the moment.

We had some good weather yesterday and we put up our new garden fountain, our third one. We love sitting in the garden listening to the sound of water (plus it helps drown out some of the neighbour noise). This one is actually fibreglass but looks so realistic.

And I am finally going to get a replacement for my eight year old computer - I have thrown myself onto the mercy of our local independent computer store, telling them what I want it to do, and they are going to quote me for building it/installing all the software.

1 comment:

swooze said...

I am happy to hear that you are adjusting to your new job. It is hard but time usually takes care of many issues. I am happy that you have the Friday work from home. I wish we were allowed that especially with gas prices as they are.

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