Sunday, 22 June 2008

Lost in space

This is a bit weird. I posted yesterday and it seems to have vanished into the ether! So I guess I have to do it over (racking my brain here to remember what I wrote about...).

I know I posted a pic of my new sock, knitted tubularly on the Brother 881 knitting machine from a pattern in an old copy of Machine Knitter's Source. Using normal sock yarn, I cast on 1x1 ribbing, then once it was completed, transferred half the stitches to the main bed and half to the rib bed. Then I knit circular to the toe - so the only seams are to join the ribbing and to close the toe. I googled a few more circular sock patterns on the web, one of them is toe-up so I might try that one next. I found some advice to move needles to D position to help the stitches knit off cleanly when knitting circular, and that helped a lot. It fits pretty well, perhaps slightly big in the ankle so I will reduce a few stitches when I knit the secone one.
Ds was down at his grandparents this weekend so I could stop pretending to be a good mother who serves meals on the dining table, and take over the table to do some serious dollshousing on the Rik Pierce house I built in Chicago. I completed the basic construction in Chicago, but there is a lot of finishing work to do, plus some shipping damage to repair.
Last night we were very pampered - I won a competition and we had tickets to the last night of the Hampton Court music festival, which is staged in the courtyard of the Tudor palace. We were VIPs for the night, and started the evening with champagne served in the Little Banqueting House on the river, then at the interval in the music (Tchaikovsky) we were served a cold repast of salmon and asparagus back in the painted room of the Banqueting House, followed by strawberries and a cheese course, all with wine. The second half of the concert was made even more comfortable by our own VIP fleece blankets which were ours to keep. This is not at all my usual lifestyle, so I soaked it up for all it was worth. The evening finished with fireworks over the Long Water in the gardens of the palace, truly spectacular.

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swooze said...

I didn't know you could knit socks on a flat bed machine...or is it not flat? Nice looking socks!

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