Monday, 16 June 2008

Warp speed

Wow, this weekend I got my new pc set up and it is so much faster than my old eight-year-old machine that I can hardly believe it. I've been downloading software drivers in a few minutes, of 35 meg, that would have taken half an hour or more on the old machine. I can turn on the machine in about one minute, instead of the 5-10 minutes my old machine took to boot up and find the internet. Of course, it took about 8 hours of my weekend to disentangle the old pc and cables and remove from computer desk, set up new pc and connect new cables and snake them through the desk, and then try to transfer the Files and Settings from the old XP machine to the new Vista machine. At times it was so frustrating that you wonder why this is an 'upgrade'. But we got there in the end and it is a huge improvement. Apart from the keyboard which feels a bit rickety and flat. But perhaps i will get used to it.

As well as installing the new pc, we also did a big spring clean involving shampooing the 'traffic roads' on the carpet and touching up paint work etc. The house looks a lot better. Of course, I realise that I am using all this 'fixing' in my real life to distract me from how miserable I am in my new job. But at least it stops me brooding. Another distraction was to go out to my knitting shed and work on a multi coloured cotton sweater that I started several months ago. I am doing random stripes on my Brother 881 machine, using about 7 or 8 colours. Four of them are threaded through the colour change mast, and the rest are hanging from the intarsia brake in front of the machine and I hand-feed them for knitting. A bit tedious to keep weaving in all the ends, but of course still much faster than hand knitting. I like machine knitting when it is going well, although it can be incredibly frustrating when the machine won't co-operate - although 9 times out of 10 that is due to operator error.

I washed my Katia linen Sonora cardigan-in-progress, to see if it was going to shrink much. This pattern starts with a lacy 'skirt' that falls from below the bust point, down to the hips, which is knit all in one piece on circulars. I want the lacy part to be about 10" so when I got to 9 1/2 ", I washed it to see if it would shrink. It shrunk slightly, back to about 9 1/8". So now I know I need to knit a bit extra. At the moment it doesn't look like much, but I am hoping that blocking will work miracles.

Friday night I was up in London following a work event, so I seized the opportunity to go to the Regency evening at the Victoria & Albert museum. I am a big Georgette Heyer fan, so I enjoyed seeing the many costumed actors in their Regency clothes offering various activities. There was fencing in the courtyard, Regency parlour games in a recreated saloon, and even Regency dance instruction in the Raphael gallery. I didn't actually take part myself, but it was fun to watch others trying.

One more fun thing this weekend - we had our VHS wedding video transferred to DVD and picked it up on Friday. Yesterday I watched it through, it is like a window in time to see how we all looked 18 years ago. There are several people in the video who have since passed, which was sad, and several more that are no longer part of our lives. Dh had lots of hair! and as he kindly pointed out in retaliation, I had a waist! Anyway, a lot of fun to revisit our youth. And finally, here are some pics of our gorgeous standard rose which is blooming its heart out with huge blossoms about six inches across.


swooze said...

Wow! Looks like you are getting your groove back a little. I know you said you are not thrilled with your job but sometimes you have to "Bloom where you are Planted" and find or make your happiness in your job. This is a good time to try to learn new things in your spare time. Hang in there!

craftingismylife said...

First of all, the roses are beautiful! I can almost smell them in Chicago! I'm so excited for you that you got a new computer and it's all set up. I got a new one at work and I love it...if only I could get a new one at home too! Speaking of work, I'm sorry your new job isn't working out. I know this probably goes against all convention and I don't know what I would do in your situation but...maybe you should either talk to your boss or look for something else! I was in a situation where I hated my job; crying and sick to my stomach each morning when I went into work. I was only 19, living at home with no responsibilities and I stuck with it for 6 long, horrible months. Finally, I just decided to find another job and leave. It was the best move I ever made. As I said, with the economy being the way it is, it's a lot harder to do that and you do have responsibilities now! So, as I say and truly believe, life is too short to be unhappy! Good luck!

Kathy Wagner said...

Sorry to hear that things aren't going well in the new job. Hope it shows promise to improve...or maybe you'll have to set your sites higher!
Beautiful roses!
Are you going to show us a clip of your wedding video!?!

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