Friday, 11 July 2008

I'm a semi-finalist!

The acceptance letter has arrived from AQS so it now seems safe to tell you all my good news - my quilt 'The Glory of the Garden' has been accepted into the AQS Nashville show! Here's a pic that the long-arm quilter Dinah Miller provided. She did a wonderful job on the quilting and she is the one who encouraged me to enter the quilt for a major show.
This is the quilt that got lost for two months so that we missed the Paducah entry deadline. I sent it airmail in November, and it didn't turn up until late January, having gone by slow boat and being stuck in the Christmas rush. I had given up on it. Luckily it survived its long trip without damage. The AQS website says that 25,000 quilters go to Nashville, I can't believe they will all be looking at my quilt. I briefly toyed with the idea of flying over but it would be really expensive and really hot, so I will just have to hope someone takes a piccy for me. Dinah might be going and then she will take a picture. This is the first major show that I have tried for - I've had a few quilts hung in non-juried British shows but only ever won one second place ribbon (best use of a novelty panel...) I should also say that this is a Beth Ferrier design which she published free on the internet as a Block of the Month some years ago.
Ds is off with his grandparents so Monday night I stayed up in London after work. I went to see the 'Psycho Buildings' exhibit at the Hayward Gallery, subtitled 'Artists take on architecture'. My favourite part was a large darkened room full of 200 old dollshouses, stacked up on tiered crates and all lit from inside, so that as you walked through the middle of the room you were like a giant strolling through an old suburb. Then I went upstairs to view the hyperbolic crochet coral reef, which has been mentioned a lot in the knitting media lately. Very colorful and eerily realistic in some cases. Lastly I went to the Royal Festival Hall to join in the Stitch and Bitch meeting, where I had a glass of white wine and happily knitted for an hour and a half in good company before getting the train home.


Teresa said...

Congratulations!!!! That is just wonderful news for you and for all of us that share in your life events.

swooze said...

Very nice! Congrats on your quilt being accepted.

Kathy Wagner said...

Congratulations! That is very exciting! Too bad you're not going to see it hanging in the AQS show!

scraphappy said...

I enjoy reading you blog so much that I've chosen you for an award. I've posted the information at my blog.

Mary said...

Congrats on your gorgeous quilt being accepted! Just fantastic!

Jeanne said...

Congratulations on having your quilt accepted for the AQS show! I hope someone who is going will take a picture of it hanging there. It is beautiful!

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