Friday, 25 July 2008

Pageant of History

We went to a fantastic event last weekend, the 'Festival of History' put on by English Heritage, the organisation that owns and maintains a lot of the ancient monuments in England. This is a two-day event held in the grounds of Kelmarsh Hall in Northhamptonshire, which features dozens of re-enactment groups and all sorts of historical displays, everything from Romans to D-Day, and was quite spectacular. Almost the best part was seeing all the in-character in-costume re-enactors walking the grounds, or even shopping in the historical market, so that you could see a Roman centurion having a conversation with a WWI female soldier, or three Cavaliers admiring the Russian encampment. They had Boers, Victorian Arctic explorers, Normans, Celts, Germans, medieval villagers, lots of Napoleonic stuff, and on and on. Above are some pics I snapped. We watched several displays, including a Victorian gymkhana and 'Animals at War' showing how animals were used in various eras in the military. Even Ds grudgingly admitted that he had enjoyed parts of the weekend.

I tried the toe-up machine knitted sock pattern (Penny Sock) that I found on the web, but I didn't like it as much as the top-down pattern I tried before. In this pattern you cast on in waste yarn for the toe on the main bed, and immediately knit a short row toe. Then you hang the waste yarn stitches onto the ribber and start knitting circular. The heel is short rowed then you split off the stitches and knit half the ribbing at a time. This leaves an obvious seam up both sides of the ribbing, particularly obvious in self-striping yarn. I tried my best to sew a neat flat seam but it is still very obvious. I prefer the top-down pattern because, although it was harder to re-hang the stitches into a tube, there is only one short seam in the ribbing cuff so it is much less obvious.

Look at this sweetie - the nephew of a work colleague. I offered to make his photo into a quilted picture as a gift. Easy to do, I printed the photo out onto some Printed Treasures fabric, added a few borders and quilted round the image. My work colleague was very impressed and pleased with it. Of course I immediately got the usual "you should be selling these!" and they never understand that a) you would not get paid enough for your time, and b) you already don't have enough time to do things you want to do, so you certainly don't have enough time to turn into a production factory for pictures of anonymous babies, much less deal with the marketing side of things. So I just smiled and looked modest.

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swooze said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures. I like seeing these types of things myself.

Love your sock and your frame. Looks like you are getting plenty of crafty variety!

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