Friday, 15 August 2008

Recoiling from change

There seems to have been a lot of change in my life the last few months. Some changes are momentary shocks - like when I logged into Blogger just now, and the account screen looks completely different than it did last Friday. But that isn't important to me so I quickly recover. Other changes take much longer to adjust to, like starting this new job back in April. Tomorrow I will have officially done four months in the job, and I feel like I am only just pulling out of the slough of despair that I have been wallowing in all this time. It was just too much change all at once: new career field, going from working solo to working in a team, going from my own office to cramped open plan, going from part-time to full-time.

Somehow change seems harder the older I get. I'm in my late 40s now, which is hardly old, but I look back on what I coped with in my twenties, including major changes such as moving countries, and I just don't think I could do it now. And not only that, but I have developed a fear of change - I have recently been considering a move to a bigger house where I would have a separate sewing room but the risks and the work involved just seem like too much. Ds of course is completely against moving, and Dh isn't very enthusiastic either, so the majority of the work would fall to me. And of course there is the financial risk, and all the work we would need to do to renovate the new house, not to mention de-cluttering the current house and putting loads of stuff in storage and doing viewings. I will likely play it safe and stay where we are, but that is depressing because although we have quite a nice house, I feel very cramped when it comes to my hobbies and haven't got any dedicated space for them apart from my knitting shed. If we stay here I think we will have to undergo a massive de-cluttering as we are bulging at the seams.

As usual I haven't got very much crafty stuff done this week. I was working on another kit for my dollshouse, a little sewing box from Lisa's Little Things, but I found that the kit was missing some pieces so I've had to email for replacements. I did however make some bunting. I saw something similar to this on sale in the gift shop at Charleston farmhouse, cut from vintage embroidered linen and overlocked on the edges. I liked it but didn't want to spend $50, so when I spotted some embroidered linen on sale at an antiques shop the next day for a few dollars, I snapped it up. I starched it heavily, and cut out 8-inch triangles, then overlocked two sides, and sewed the triangles to a header tape decorated with rick-rack. I made two short runs for the two windows in my bedroom. I'm quite pleased with it, and I don't feel bad about cutting up the linens because they were in the ragbag pile and not likely to be loved by anyone else.


Sweet P said...

You and I are about the same age. Change can be difficult. I can tell you decluttering will help a lot. I've been doing a lot of decluttering since we bought our new condo 5 months ago.

Teresa said...

Decluttering - what an ugly word!! But I know what you mean about needing to do it. We are trying to get our house ready for retirement, and I need to do a lot of decluttering. Nice that you found those linens and a cute valence you have made from them

I had to smile at your comments about work. I am 58 and have worked for 36 years now. I used to go all out to be as helpful and accomodating to everyone I worked with - the last year, as I look forward to retirement in a couple of years, I seem to be tired of it all. I tell people I am just a grumpy old lady and to leave me alone, LOL....and you know, it works!

swooze said...

I like the bunting.

I hope you resolve the job situation soon. Probably no chance to go back to the old team...or desire....

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