Friday, 22 August 2008

We have a kitchen

Well, today is a minor milestone as I have reclaimed the kitchen. You may recall that I have had a giant dollshouse sitting in my kitchen since October, as I slowly assembled the Greenleaf Willowcrest kit. The main construction was completed a few months ago and since then I am really only working on furnishing the inside. For quite a while the house was on the dining table and we were eating on the picnic table. Then the mostly completed house got moved to the picnic table and we got the big table back. And to be honest I haven't been working on it much, not least because I didn't have enough working room on the little picnic table (I am one of those people that can fill up any given worksurface with cr*p and end up actually working in a clear area about six square inches right on the edge.) So today I took the big decision and moved the house up to my bedroom, and all the tools and bits and pieces and RECLAIMED THE KITCHEN! Hilariously, neither Ds nor Dh have noticed yet, even though they came back to the house while I was in the middle of doing it. I think the mess has been there so long that we have all developed a blind spot for that corner. Needless to say, the kitchen seems enormous now that the massive blot has been cleared away. My plan is to continue to work on furnishing the house in my bedroom (which is also my sewing room). Here is a before and after pic of the kitchen.

Another milestone this week was that I finished my Sonora top that I have been knitting this summer in Katia linen. It was going to be a cardigan, but when I was trying on the body I decided I liked it better as a sleeveless vest. It has a sort of updated hippy chic look. I wore it to work yesterday and it was really comfortable, perfect for air conditioning, plus I felt happy every time I went to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror. I used six balls of Katia linen, and as said before I knitted a bit of extra length in the body because my swatch shrank up a little. I also lowered the line where the lace gives way to the cable pattern so that it fell more attractively lower down my chest, in more of an empire line. Knitting this yarn was a bit like knitting coarse string, but now that I have washed it, it has softened up a lot and is really comfortable to wear. The pattern calls for buttons but I found I liked it just tied in one place.

I also knit a pair of gorgeous little baby booties in Regia Silk Color, from a kit of yarn + pattern that I bought at C&H fabrics in Canterbury a few weeks ago. There is enough yarn left to knit the baby beanie (also in the pattern) so I have cast on for that. I need to thread some ribbon through the eyelets in the booties. This yarn is lovely and soft, really nice to knit with. It's also nice to knit something small and quick and colorful.

Last weekend I finished the other two mosaics. This is a picture just after I grouted them. If it ever stops raining, I will install them out in the lawn and take a pic of the three of them. The first one is out there already and glistens attractively in the rain.


swooze said...

I am the same way with my is everywhere. When I finally put it away no one notices...but they sure notice when it is out....sigh...

I love the vest. And the slippers are cute too. Glad to see you accomplishing so much!

swooze said...
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