Friday, 1 August 2008

Where is the summer going?

I can't believe it is virtually August, and that Ds's summer break is almost half over already. I think partly the reason the summer seems to be disappearing fast is that we had really terrible weather until recently which made it feel more like autumn. It's turned hot and muggy now, up to 30 degrees C on a few days, which I don't like. Humidity makes me feel stupid and sluggish.

I've done very little crafting this week, work continues to get me down which doesn't leave me a lot of energy for being creative. I do a little handknitting most evenings - I am on the second front of my linen cardigan, having completed the back and one front. I put together another kit from Lisa's Little Things for my quilt shop: this one is a button rack. You can't really see it in the photo but each printed button has a little dot of Diamond Glaze over it, to make it 3D and shiny, it gives a pretty realistic look. The kit was well designed, the instructions make more sense after reading them over a few times. However, having read the warning to be very careful to get all the button cards glued on the right way up, I still managed to glue every single one on upside down - they were all orientated in the same direction, it's just that I had the base facing up instead of the top when I was gluing them on. Duh. I didn't even notice until I went to take the picture. Luckily the glue on the sign and base hadn't dried yet so I was able to rip them off and do some rejigging. The whole display is about three inches high. The height of the stand in the kit allows for three different height positions - I decided to cut the stand short and go with the table-top display, which I will stand on one of the display cabinets in the quilt shop on the ground floor of my dollshouse.
We went camping for one night last weekend, to a lovely farm in East Sussex near Lewes. The quiet field had a nature pond in the middle with a running water feature, and the woodland on two sides of the field had a lovely nature trail winding along a creek bed. We enjoyed breakfast sitting outside our tent looking over the pond. Later we had a drive to Charleston Farmhouse
where we enjoyed the lovely cottage garden and even more, enjoyed the lovely cream tea we had in their cafe (scones with cream and strawberries - yum!!).


Teresa said...

That is just too cute! I can't wait to see what your doll house quilt shop looks like.

swooze said...

That is so cute!! Do you ever glue you to you??

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