Friday, 19 September 2008

This week's summary

I've had a better week, and feel like I have produced things.

This is the October block for my BOM programme, a simple applique block called Tulip Leaves in EQ6. I am procrastinating about the double nine-patch with the math issues, and haven't solved that one yet.

This is a Hallowe'en wall hanging I am making, after spotting this wacky row of houses in the U.S. version of Country Living magazine where it was a small pic of a Bethany Lowe paper cutout. Right away I thought it would make a perfect hallowe'en quilt. I am going to fray the edge of the golden border.

This is my wonderfully soft and cuddly alpaca shawl, in Plymouth Grande baby alpaca that I bought in Chicago back when the exchange rate was so wonderful. The exchange rate completely bites now every time I drool over online quilt fabric or books. Obviously I have some knitting to do before this is actually a shawl, but this is the first ball knitted up.

I've been enjoying reading the three back issues of 'Yarn Forward' magazine that I bought at the I-knit show last week. It is refreshingly non-commercial and I like the lack of ads, the use of real-shaped amateur models, and the feeling that they are really writing what they think, not just what their advertisers want them to write. Hopefully they will keep that homespun feeling now that they are moving to more regular publication and sales via newsagents.

The fall issue of Vogue Knitting finally turned up and as always was a very enjoyable read. None of the patterns really caught my eye this time, in terms of being something I would want to wear or knit. But the articles are great, and the ads are such eye-candy that they are a good read in themselves. I was very interested to read that there are two new knitting magazines coming out. Fons & Porter, who do 'Love of Quilting' which I quite like, are now starting up 'Love of Knitting'. I've ordered the first issue (although I couldn't find a subscription option on the net so perhaps they are just testing the water), after grimacing over the exchange rate and my enthusiasm being dampened by finding a lukewarm review and will wait to see for myself. Debbie Bliss is also launching her own magazine, which apparently is going to be modelled on Vogue Knitting which sounds exciting. I am going to look for it at the Alexandra Palace big Knitting and Stitching Exhibition. If I like it, I expect there will be a show special on the subscription there. Because I don't have enough magazine subscriptions already, rofl...


swooze said...

That wall hanging is really cute. Is that your piece or a pic from the mag??

Teresa said...

Just love the tulip applique.

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