Monday, 6 October 2008

My week in pictures

Lots of pics this week.

Here is a shot, on one of our last sunny days before the autumn rain set in, of my three mosaic blocks in place in the lawn. The grass is starting to grow back around them, and they look really pretty glistening in both the rain and the sun.

Here are my lace socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock wool, finished at last. I was startled when I blocked them to find one was definitely smaller than the other. I've managed to block it out to a similar size to the larger one. I think what may have happened is that I knit the rib in a smaller needle, then forgot to shift to a larger needle for the body. See what happens when you take months to finish a project... They have turned out really nice though, the pattern is from 'More Sensational Socks' and they will be a gift.

This is my gorgeous yarny lovely soft wonderful alpaca shawl, from Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande Paint that I bought in Chicago. I still have loads left, so I think I will knit a scarf as well. The pattern is Feather and Fan, and I found it free on Ravelry but can't find the link again now that I want to imbed it here. You basically cast on 74 stitches in a bulky yarn and keep going in Feather and Fan pattern until it is about 52" long. (mine is longer)

On Saturday I took the train up to Miniatura, the UK's largest dolls house fair, held at the National Exhibition Centre. It was a three hour trip but easy, and I had four hours to spend at the fair which was long enough to exhaust me. I had a great time, it is a great fair.

These are the things I bought for my Rik Pierce house, envisioning a sort of Tudor/Edwardian kitchen.

These are the things I bought for my quilt shop / knitting shop.

And these are the things I bought for another period house that I call my Vic-war-gency house because it can't decide what period it is. The little china pieces were very inexpensive, I think they must be the French equivalent of Crackerjack prizes. The little tole-painted box opens up and is a needlework box, very pretty.

This is a kit by Robin Betterly that I put together on Sunday when one of my dollshouse friends came over. This is the Flutterbye Dollshouse kit, so cute, about two inches high.

And lastly, this is the math-challenged block for my BOM that I wimped out of last month. I got round the math by cutting the strips 1 7/8th inch wide and sewing a fat quarter inch seam allowance, which brought the nine-patches in at 4.5 inches wide as required. I am steeling myself for my ladies' looks of disbelief when, after preaching at them for years on the importance of an accurate quarter-inch seam allowance, I tell them to purposely sew wide. The alternative was cutting strips 1 13/16th inches wide so hopefully they will see that this is the better way forward.

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swooze said...

Lot's of neat things. Your yard looks great. What is in the picture behind you modeling the shawl? The shawl looks great!

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