Sunday, 12 October 2008

Stitching weekend

The weather was gorgeous this weekend but I spent most of it inside enjoying myself. On Saturday I had my Saturday Sewing Club, which was very enjoyable. I've started making a xmas tree skirt adapted from a pattern by Art to Heart called "The Night Before Christmas", so I spent my time sewing together the background and tracing off eight reindeer, santa, sleigh, houses, trees etc. onto Steam a Seam 2 fusible web. Then I ran out of web, and was also wishing I had more plaid fabrics. But I was not concerned, because I knew I was going to Ally Pally the next day!

Alexandra Palace, site of the annual big Knitting and Stitching Show. This year I arrived in luxury as Dh decided it was such a nice day that he and Ds would spend the time wandering about the neighbouring parkland while I was inside at the show. Usually I have to slog up there on public transport. I got there by 10:30 a.m. and spent an enjoyable but increasingly exhausting four hours trying to see everything. An early highlight was that I have sold my Passap Duo 80 knitting machine - a lady on the Guild of Machine Knitters stand also buys/sells knitting machines, so she agreed to take it off my hands. The price is a lot less than I have invested in it, but considering you couldn't give knitting machines away a few years ago, it is better than nothing and I really need the room in my knitting shed. Now I need to pack it all up and get it over to her friend's house who is near us and will drive it up to where it needs to go.

So, what did I get? Four socks worth of yummy sock yarn, including two lots of Koigu that were on sale for just £5 a skein. Two balls of Sublime to make baby booties from the free Debbie Bliss pattern in this month's issue of 'Simply Knitting'. A hat pattern to make from sock yarn. Several pairs of four-inch long dpns for making glove fingers. More steam a seam and several plaid fabrics for the tree skirt, plus buttons and reindeer noses for decoration. A kit to make a tiny sock-on-a-sock-form key ring. I extended my subscription to 'Knitting' magazine in order to pick up a free book gift - I chose Nicky Epstein's On the Edge book, and she was there so she signed it for me. I also subscribed to the new Debbie Bliss knitting magazine to see what that is like (yes, I am a magazine addict). Oh, and a few more reels of Masterpiece thread because I like it.

On the way home, we got stuck in a traffic jam for a long time, so gave up and stopped at Starvin Marvin's, a American 50s-style diner with homemade chocolate malt shakes, and pigged out on yummy junk food. A good day was had by all.

I have to share my new toy with you. my Asus EEE 901 Netbook. I love it! I love it so much that Dh is getting a bit jealous about how much attention I am giving it. You can see how small it is from the knife in the picture for scale, but it has a stomping wireless connection so I can carry it all around the house without losing the connection - probably even into the garden although I haven't tested that. I am catching up on podcasts, watching online quilting tv, catch up television, internet radio, it's fantastic. Like a super Ipod. The keyboard is a bit too cramped for easy typing so not quite as good for answering email, but great for everything else. In the traffic jam today, I was listening to podcasts that I had downloaded. Now I can always be entertained no matter what boring chore I am doing.

I have a bad case of knitting start-itis at the moment. So what's on my (multiple) needles at the moment?

- a scarf I am knitting out of the rest of my Plymouth baby alpaca Grande paint, in a great twisted stitch I found through Ravelry
- a glove that I am knitting out of the Noro Kureyon I bought at Loop. I don't really have a pattern so am having to do a lot of trying on to get the size right.
- Bianca's Jacket from Interweave Fall 2006 from Rowan Summer Tweed - this is progressing slowly as I had to rip out a few inches after I misread the pattern.
- and I am about to start baby booties in Sublime, and my new key ring kit, and a hat in sock wool
- and I'm not mentioning other, older, UFOs which are languishing in cupboards.


Penny said...

It looks like you got a decent haul, and well done you for writing it up already. I went today (and got Nicki Epstein to sign my book) but I haven't yet taken the photos of what I got.

swooze said...

Sounds like you had fun. You got some nice things. I know you aren't talking about your quilty UFOs! LOL!

ozi should be back this weekend. Lots of ISP issues.

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