Sunday, 30 November 2008

Christmas in November

Yesterday was the last meeting of my Saturday sewing club for the year, so we celebrated an early Christmas and it was really nice. I wore my knitted christmas waistcoat and christmas earrings, and collected all the Secret Santa gifts in a big Santa bag. We had a christmas tablecloth for our potluck lunch and I gave wrapped gifts to my two helpers who make it all possible every month. The group surprised me with a lovely thank you present they had all chipped in for, which was a pack of snowflake themed blue FQs, a book on hand knitting and some cash. My Secret Santa gift was a great printed panel Advent Calendar, which I really like, but I don't think I am going to make it up in time for tomorrow!

I snapped a photo of my Noro gloves with the pink finger, but this weekend I have cut off the pink finger (not with my hand inside) and reknit a blue finger so it looks a lot more like a matching pair of gloves. Now I just need to sew in the loose ends and they will be done. You can see in this picture how much the colour repeat varied. The gloves are virtually identical up to where the dark blue starts just above the thumb, then the first glove immediately went into a lot of brighter colours, while the second glove stayed dark blue for almost all the fingers.

Meanwhile the sock I took on the TBH has become my Portable Project. I took it along to a knitting evening on Thursday and got several more inches knit, and this weekend when we went down to visit the Christmas market in Bath, I turned the heel. I actually turned the heel twice, because the first time I had an odd number of stitches left over and realised that I had counted wrong on the first row. This is what happens when you try to turn a heel while simultaneously reading a magazine, watching the hotel tv and talking to your family. This is in Regia sock yarn and I am trying their generic sock pattern on the free leaflet. It is actually quite relaxing to just knit, without having to stop for thumbs and fingers like on the gloves. If Swooze likes the colours then perhaps she would like to have this pair when it's done :) . I tried a new-to- me cast on for these socks which I really like. You take a really long tail, do a long tail cast on around two needles held next to each other, then knit the first row with both strands of yarn. The result is a very stretchy, and yet nicely firm, edge to the top of the ribbing.

I finished stitching down the very wide binding on my xmas tree skirt. I purposely made it wide so that it acts as a final border, but it is now waving a bit as it isn't very stable. I may stitch all the way around 1/4 inch from the edge to stabilise the outer edge more. I took it to Show and Tell on Saturday and people quite liked it.

Friday night I took part in an online workshop with Jane Harrop, organised by the Stay at Home Miniaturists Group to make this leather armchair and side table. The instructions were excellent as always and I am hoping this will look good in my Rik Pierce house. The leather was really fine and soft and quite good to work with. This is 1/12th scale. You could also make a box of xmas decorations but I didn't buy that kit as it wouldn't fit in my RP house.

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Penny said...

The gloves are pretty, but having brightly coloured fingers would have looked very strange.

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