Sunday, 9 November 2008


Last night we went to a local fireworks display for Guy Fawkes. The weather was pretty uncertain, very rainy and gusts of wind all day, I thought it might get cancelled. But late in the afternoon the weather calmed down, and the display went ahead at 6 pm. Dh and Ds indulged in the provided sausages in buns, but I didn't risk it. The display lasted about 10 or 15 minutes, and there were probably 300 + people there cheering and oohing and ahhing. Nice autumn thing to do.

I got the borders onto my tree skirt, and the applique is all sewn down now. I've also pieced a backing for it. But before I quilt it, I think I will machine embroider the reindeer antlers, instead of doing them by hand afterwards like the pattern suggests. After quilting, I will cut out the hole for the tree, bind the entire edge, and sew on buttons and 'reins' connecting all the reindeer.

I also did some more work on my Rik Pierce house. I had bought some plastic greenery at Hobbycraft, so I pulled that apart and 'planted' a garden on both sides of the house, to make it look like it is nestled in natural surroundings. It was fun, like instant gardening, and really brings the house to life. The next step will be to pour the resin for the river in front of the house, something I am rather nervous about as I have never used resin before.

A strange thing happened at work. I was hiding in the bathroom for some peace and quiet and a bit of knitting (as you do), when someone else came in to another cubicle and proceeded to sob their heart out for five minutes. It was awful. I didn't know whether to make a noise and reveal myself, or just keep quiet and hope they didn't notice they weren't alone. I kept quiet in the end until they left. I think it might have been one of my team mates, whose fiance has broken up with her recently and wrecked her life. She is moving to another apartment soon, so when I got out of the bathroom I emailed her to ask her if she would like a quilt for her new place. I will take in some of my UFO tops on Monday to see if she likes any of them, then quilt it for her over Christmas. Thank god for being married and not having to date any more. Most of my team are significantly younger than me, and are still single, moving house frequently, travelling, wondering about going home for christmas to their parents, all that stuff that seems so long ago for me and I am grateful to be in a more settled period of my life. (touch wood...)

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swooze said...

You are really making progress in all your hobbies this month. Thanks for sharing everything. I always love to see your stuff. Can't wait to see the daisy quilt now!

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