Sunday, 2 November 2008

Suddenly it's November

Suddenly it's November - how did that happen? I was out every night last week, including a tedious one night business trip to an industrial park in Rijswijk, Holland which used up two whole days but at least gave me lots of knitting time on my 2nd Noro glove (which now has a thumb and a little finger). I took two sets of wooden dpns for the glove and they went through security in both directions at the airport without comment. Friday I worked from home, so had time to put up the Halloween decorations and carve some pumpkins. I bagged up 40 bags of sweets, then suddenly worried that I wouldn't have enough so made a dash to Woolworth for a few more bags. In the end, we only had about 20 children come to the door, which is disappointing but at least they had all made an effort with their costumes and loved my decorations. That left me with a huge quantity of sweets, so I took all the bagged up sweets over to a friend's, who is going to take them to another friend who is having a charity sale to raise money for a hospice - she will use them for a Lucky Dip, so they are going to a good cause. Now we are looking forward to a good fireworks display for Guy Fawkes - there is a big commercial one next Saturday which we will likely go to.

The other thing I did on Friday was finish off the Paperclay shingles on my Rik Pierce house. I managed to do it from 1 3/4 bags of Paperclay, so didn't have to open my third and final pack. After letting them dry completely, on Sunday I gave them a dirty water wash, then a terracotta paint job (and boy were there a zillion nooks and crannies - I kept thinking I was finished then spotting more white bits), then touched up with 3 or 4 other colours, then applied flock in various sizes. We also had a trip to Hobbycraft today because I had some vouchers, and I picked up some artificial greenery to do the garden with.

I also made some bulrushes this weekend, using some plastic thin greenery I bought at Joanne's Fabrics in Indiana. I cut several tips for the leaves, then a bit of stem which I dipped in glue and then into brown flock for the rush. Then I glued them into a bundle. Once that was dry, I glued it into the 'river' in front of the house. When the glue dries I will touch up their surroundings with paint.

I've been knitting on Bianca's Jacket in Rowan Summer Tweed. Funnily enough, I was listening to a podcast where the speaker said she hated knitting with this yarn. I quite like it, it is soft and chenille like. You have to pull the stitches through a bit as it is not elastic, but I like the feel of it, and it knits up quite quickly. I am just casting off for the armholes now, after knitting the bottom part all in one piece. Next I have to do the sleeves, then all the pieces get picked up for a lace yoke which will be fun. When we were at Hobbycraft today I picked up several colours of DK weight yarn to try my hand at some more teddy bears from The Knitted Teddy Bear book. The bear I knit before was in a thin 4 ply and he looked a bit scrawny, so I want to try again.
Progress on the xmas tree skirt is slow. I have zigzagged over all the applique pieces now in invisible thread, and I have cut out most of the pieces for the scrap border but haven't sewn them yet.

I spent an hour and a half Saturday morning trying to reduce the pile of magazines which is threatening to swamp my desk and also the kitchen. I haven't had as much time to read them lately, and they build up quite quickly especially when I keep old ones thinking that I am going to look up some of the links on the internet. I am dropping my subscription to two of my American dollshouse mags because the exchange rate is so bad, but I can't feel too virtuous because of subscribing to Simply Knitting and Debbie Bliss Knitting at the Alexandra Palace show. What can I say, I am a magazine slut...


Teresa said...

Oh my gosh, your house is just so pretty. I love how you are adding all the finishing touches too.

I love magazines too, but I only get quilting ones. I have started scanning in the patterns and throwing the magazine away as they were just piling up on me too and I needed the room for, what else, more magazines!

Penny said...

Summer Tweed does have a papery feel to it but I do like it.

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