Thursday, 20 November 2008

Update on TBH Day 2: the dinner

Some of you may be wondering if I am making all this up, just to be funny. Sadly I am not.

Last night we congregated in the lobby , with much straggling, and fit into three taxis plus one person following in their car, to go out to a nearby pub for our second team dinner. It seemed a longer drive that I was expecting, and as my taxi (the second) drove away, the occupants of the first taxi came rushing back out of the pub calling to it to wait. (it didn't) Apparently the taxis were delivering us to The Swan pub in the wrong village. (Swan is a common pub name).

After a bit of finger pointing (I'm still not sure who gave the taxi firm the wrong address, whether it was our hapless secretary, the inefficient hotel, or our facilitator), our token male member phoned the taxi firm to explain the mistake. Now, this is the same grumpy taxi firm that we suffered with the first night. He got an ear full of abuse, saying it was our fault for giving them the wrong address, and they hung up on him without actually committing to sending a new taxi. Meanwhile the third taxi arrived, and having had the problem explained to them, drove off just as I pointed out that a fourth person could have gone into that taxi. So we all stood around in the cold for a while, I went into the pub to get warm and to call my husband to share the joke. The poor secretary hadn't brought the phone number of the pub we were supposed to be going to (I think she has learned a few hard lessons about organising an away day) so she felt really bad. After about 15 minutes, a cab did arrive, and we managed to cram into that and into the car of the woman who was driving herself. We finally arrived at the right pub about a half hour late, and starving. Dinner itself was fine (I am eating far too much these few days) then we called a cab to get back to the hotel. Again it was the grumpy taxi firm (they must run the only taxi firm in the area, and therefore get away with being as rude as they like) and when we asked the driver to pause briefly so that the woman colleague driving herself and others, could get her doors closed and pull out to follow us back to the hotel, we got a surly reply to the effect that he had other calls to go to that night, didn't he. He refused to stop, and only grudgingly pulled in to the side of the road after we were all protesting loudly, then he sulked all the way back to the hotel. Charming behaviour.

One last day to get through, and then I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! (until Monday anyway,...)

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swooze said...

Just think...story fodder. It really is good to have!

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