Saturday, 13 December 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas (except at work)

Christmas is now taking shape, the tree is up, the decorations are up, I've done my cards (which always seems to be a huge job) and the long job of shovelling out the house to prepare for the Christmas Day guests has begun. I had to completely rearrange our living room to fit the tree in, since as usual it looks about a third bigger now that it's home, than it did in the lot. Therefore the xmas tree skirt I just made, which I worried was too big, in fact just peeps out all the way around. Dh actually decorated the tree this year, and it looks really nice. I did the rest of the house (we have quite a few decorations). Found another dead string of lights that I couldn't get working despite trying every single bulb with a replacement. That makes three dead strings this year that we can't get to work at all. I guess they don't last forever.

So the house looks very christmassy now, unlike the office. I took in one strand of tinsel and pinned it around 'my' area of the divider between our sardine banks of desks, and that tinsel is the only decoration on our whole office floor of 70 people that I've seen. I asked one of the secretaries and she says they are always a miserable bunch at Christmas. Work is really getting me down again, I have been feeling quite depressed about it lately and it is very hard to go in some days. I have my end year appraisal on Thursday which will be a joke I am sure. Thank god I get to work from home for two weeks over christmas (and two days of that is holiday) so it will be a break to regain my mental health I hope.

On a better note, I had a very good time at the I-Knit knitting shop Christmas party this week. In fact, too good a time as somewhere along the glasses of wine I lost the pattern for the socks I am knitting for Swooze. I've finished the first sock, and am halfway through the second, but no pattern when I got home. I phoned the shop twice but they haven't seen it, they said it might have gotten thrown out. I'm hoping someone picked it up and will give it back to me on Thursday night. It is the free Regia sock pattern but I think it is the older version, as I have another newer leaflet that has all the sizes in a table on the last page, which has a completely different heel/gusset/toe than the one I was knitting from. My pattern had the pattern written out in words, for 4-ply yarn in one half, and 6-ply yarn on the second half of the leaflet. Swooze may have one warm foot and one cold foot at this rate. We were very crowded at the shop, about 40 people squeezed in, so my knitting fell off my lap several times, and I guess on one of those times the pattern fell out of the bag. Guess I'm lucky i still have the sock and needles... We all brought a wrapped gift and put it in a tub, and were given someone else's gift back. I got a lovely pair of wrist warmers, in sock wool, very warm indeed, and fit great as they are in 4x4 rib so very snug, and some perfume and lotion. I wore the wrist warmers on a shopping expedition today, and they kept me toasty warm.

I finished the Advent Calendar panel, and it is now in use. I highlighted all the ornaments with glitter glue for a subtle sheen, they are really cute. And I finished the scarf I was knitting in the rest of my Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grand Paint yarn, it is long enough to tie around my neck twice and lovely and warm. I did a crochet trim on both ends.

And tonight I had the fun of attending the #Quiltchat stocking opening, where I opened a huge box of goodies from Sarkarnor. It was supposed to be a maximum spend of $20 (which will buy you about one yard of fabric here in the UK) but it is obvious that most people spent way more than that. My box was stuffed with lovely things. I got a nice postcard of her home town, and a big heavy parcel all wrapped in fabric containing: 3 cute FQs of ‘keep on quilting’, a lovely ‘Village Angel’ fabric panel to make up, more fabric wrapping up marking pencils and blunt tip scissors, even MORE fabric in a great patriotic heart/log cabin pattern, wrapping up a pattern for an “Eco Market Tote” and a lovely little journal, a handmade blue& red stocking heavily stuffed with: chocolate, directional pins (I need those), a thread clipper, a rotary case, and more chocolate! TY, TY, TY, TY this is probably the best present I will get this year, lol.


Sarah Nopp said...

You gave me such delightful gifts too! But I have to tell you, I really truly didn't spend much more than the $20 limit! It makes me blush to think the price we can pay for things on sale here in the States.
Oh- I meant to ask you- what is that little metal clamp thing that was wrapped separately?
Thanks so much! I had such fun finding things for you.

Teresa said...

Your tree is quite lovely. Maybe you will spread a little Christmas cheerl

Alycia said...

What a cute Advent. Hope you have a crafty two week break!

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