Saturday, 17 January 2009

And two become one...

Today at sewing club I joined together the two halves of my big log cabin quilt. I had done a large meander on both halves using my quilt frame, which only takes about a 60" wide top so i had to split the log cabin into two halves. Swooze asked how I was going to join them, so I took pictures as I did it for the blog.

When I quilted, I left about 3 inches unquilted on the edge where I would be making the seam.

Then I trimmed the back and wadding 1/2 inch away from the edge of the top.

Then I folded back the wadding and back, and pinned the top halves right sides together, then stitched and pressed.

Then I spread the quilt flat on a table, overlapped the wadding, and cut through both layers with scissors to make a smooth join.

Then I turned one backing edge under by approximately 1/2 inch, and overlapped it onto the other back edge, pinning it down and using a ruler to keep the 'seam' straight.

Then I hemmed the overlap down by handstitching, pressing when I was finished. Voila, the join disappears. The final step will be to put it back under the machine and meander over the middle unquilted six inch strip.

This is the finished back - this is one of the backings I made out of all those FQs I purged several months ago.

And here is the fully joined top, just needs to have the unquilted strip meandered.

After I joined the log cabin together, I joined together all the blocks in my BOM because today I handed out the last set of instructions to everyone, and I had completed my final block as the class sample. It is pretty small, I might add another row of blocks, or maybe just a big border.

I've had another go at knitting a bear from my 'Knitted Teddy Bear' book, this time in DK so he is bigger. He came out fairly well, I put an embroidery skein in the picture for scale. I only had slightly too big eyes, which makes him look very young, will have to find some smaller eyes for the next bear. It would have been better if my stuffing had been grey rather than white, I am going to squash his arm a bit so the knitting doesn't stretch so much. There are patterns for clothing as well, so I may knit him some clothes.


Teresa said...

That is so cool. I have always wondered how you pieced to parts of a quilt together after you had it quilted. Now I am going to have to give it a try!

swooze said...

Wow very nice. Thanks for the tutorial.

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