Saturday, 10 January 2009

Back at the grindstone

No pictures this week as I have had an exceptionally busy and tiring week at work, plus I was out two nights, so really have done extremely little. I have the second half of the big log cabin on my frame and am doing a row or so of meandering whenever I get a few minutes. The colleague at work seemed to like her quilt. She partially unfolded it at her workstation (we are in an open plan call centre type of office) to look at it and for a moment it was if my two worlds had collided, very strange feeling, to see the vivid colours of a homemade textile glowing against the spartan and regimented world of the office. It drives home how separated my 'real' life is from my work life.

On the knitting front, I have worn my new cardigan (Bianca's jacket) to work twice this week. No-one has said anything, so presumably it either looks unremarkable, or so homemade that they are embarrassed for me. I personally think it looks quite smart, and it is very comfortable. The 70 silk / 30 cotton is surprisingly warm. I have a second pack of Rowan Summer Tweed that I bought at the same sale, and I may try my hand at 'Hey Teach', a pattern from that the Yarnharlot recently completely. In the meantime, I am knitting another teddy bear out of my Knitted Teddy Bears book, this time in DK weight so hopefully he will look less scrawny than the first one I tried. I posted Swooze her socks last week, so hopefully they will survive the trans-Atlantic crossing and arrive safely, and fit well when they get there.

I went out to dollshouse club on Wednesday night and took along my Rik Pierce house for show and tell. It was much admired, people were really struck by it because it is so different from the typical British dollshouse which is a front-opening box of rooms with a relatively plain exterior. Rik is coming to France in June to teach his 'Crooked House', a similar house to mine, and some people where looking at the brochure for that with interest. It is a lot more expensive to do his course over here because of the exchange rate, his travel etc. than when I went to him in Chicago when the exchange rate was good.

We aren't moving house. The estate agent valued our house yesterday at over £100k less than the house we looked at on the weekend, because the market has dropped over 20% in our area. I feel frustrated because I don't want to live in a crowded house picking my way between quilt frames and dollshouses, yet I don't want to give up my hobbies either. Maybe we can get rid of the sofa..... (joke)


Teresa said...

lol, I like your priorities!

swooze said...

Hang in their. Are you looking for another job?

I got my socks. Love them! Wearing them! Are they superwash so I can put them in the washer and dryer? Please let me know.

Lynne said... the socks. Is that your pattern or from a book? I have some yarn just waiting for a great pattern...also have a dollhouse shell that needs started and a dozen quilts to finish this year. I won't be bored.

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