Sunday, 4 January 2009

Holiday is over

We cleared out the last of Christmas today: the tree went to the dump, the needles were all hoovered up (and boy, were there a lot of needles...), the outside lights came down, and all the decorations went back into the loft. [All the decorations we could find, that is, there are usually one or two that surface later that we didn't notice]. It's sad in a way, but then it wouldn't be so special if it weren't only on a few weeks each year.

Ds has gone down to his grandparents for the last of his school holiday, so for the next few days we are on our own. This afternoon I even managed to catch up on some of the tv shows that I have taped on our Sky box (Tivo), without anyone clamouring to have the television.

The second quilt is now bound and ready to take into work. I didn't want to take the sewing machine off the frame as all the power cords are intricately wound about it, so I managed to sew the binding on by standing inside the frame and feeding the quilt through. Needless to say the edge is a bit wavy, but I don't think the non-quilter recipient will know the difference. This is the mystery quilt that I made in the workshop at Sisters last year. I don't really like it, too modern for my tastes. The fabrics were picked to coordinate with a pansy floral fabric which was the border, but the recipient doesn't do flowers so I took the border off again.

My third top is a massive log cabin, about king size, that I made about six or seven years ago. I have split it into two halves to fit on my little frame. I loaded the first half this morning, and have quilted most of it because I am just doing a simple large meander which goes quite quickly. It's a relief not to be doing a tiny panto like the last one. It will be nice to finally get this one finished and on the bed. It's sort of Brambly Hedge, lots of prints and primary colours, in diagonal zig zags of value. While the machine is on the frame, I can't do anything else, so that is the incentive to keep on quilting until I can take the frame down and put it away.

A while ago, I followed the example of my friend Swooze and bagged up all my quilting UFOs, WIPs and future projects. Swooze is now bugging me to list them all so that she can nag me to finish them. Needless to say I am not feeling motivated. However, I have summoned all my courage and counted the bags: 16. That is probably about 18 projects because I know a couple of the bags have fabric for more than one quilt in them (for example, I thought I might make a couple of quilts out of the Eleanor Burns book, Fans and Flutterbys, and I collected fabric for those). Last night I fell victim to the sales and ordered a half-price quilt kit using the Portugal fabrics which I love, and sale fabric for two other quilts just because I really liked it: Flamingo Run, and Donna Dewberry's Daisy line. This was all off the American website It looks like they only send by courier to the UK, so I shipped the fabric to an American friend instead and will pick it up when I am over there in April. I feel like I have fallen off the wagon because I haven't bought much fabric this year due to not having much time to sew.

We had one exciting thing happen this weekend: we went to look at a new house yesterday. It is one of a development of two, built by a small builder on a plot on the other side of our village, that was formerly an engineering works apparently. Unlike most new houses, it is actually quite big. It has four bedrooms, 3 of which are a double size, and a garage. The kitchen is a lot smaller than ours, but the rest of the house is comparable to ours. I can immediately see the garage as a sewing room, and the fourth bedroom as a dollhouse area (except that DS wants it for his wargaming table). Because of the housing slump, the price has dropped into the very top of our range, except for the fact that we probably can't sell our house. I've asked the agent if the builder might consider a part exchange with our current house, as then we wouldn't have to put it on the market. But if we were to more than double our mortgage, then I will have absolutely no option but to stay in my current hated job. It's a conundrum.

There was an advertisement in my American Country Living magazine, for bathroom tissue of all things, but it talks about making a fresh start for the new year, and about having a "personal goal of bringing more order and restorative calm to your world". That sounds so wonderful, and would definitely be a goal I would aspire to, although I don't know the Frodo would say. I don't usually make new year's resolutions, but I would love it if that one came true for me.

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