Thursday, 12 March 2009

Just one damn thing after another...

Remember that cartoon from The Far Side, with two monsters chasing each other?

Today was the day we got told what is happening to our job under the restructuring at work, and I was told that my job is disappearing. They have to cut 4 jobs, and rather than just choose 4 jobs, they have taken the opportunity to reorganise the three teams totalling 17 people, into new streamlined teams totally 13 people.

I will be able to apply for one of the new jobs, but from the organigram it looks like there are only two possibilities, which means all of us lower level people will be going for the same two jobs. Also, they sound like awful jobs, which have had all the donkey work piled on them. My line manager described them as 'very busy' and 'this person will have to be careful managing their workload' and other code phrases which all add up to: "we will be working these two people into the ground and they will not be able to work part-time, or work from home and in fact we would prefer they didn't even have any time off."

The jobs get posted next week, and we have until the end of the month to apply, then selection will be the first week of April. This all seems very deja vu because it was exactly the same time last year that I was going through all of this.

I don't really feel upset, just resigned. Like a twig being washed along a river... a very stupid river with inept management ...

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