Friday, 6 March 2009

More pictures, as life gets back to normal

It's only been a little over a week, but already the holiday seems so long ago. So I'm going to post some more photos to bring it back to my mind. I'm just about over my jet lag, it was getting really boring waking up at 2 am, or 3:30 am, or 4 am and several mornings I just gave up and got up at 5 am and did stuff quietly. I knew someone once who got up 90 minutes before her family every day, and used that time for handquilting. I thought that I could never go without sleep like that, but it is amazing how much you can get done in an hour. A lot of my holiday laundry and shopping got put away in that time.

Here are some more great quilts from the Waimea quilt show.
Here is a picture of our truck, that we drove all over the Big Island.

Here is Kaffe Fassett standing next to the workshop quilt they called 'Potpourri' but in his Kaleidoscope book it is the Garden Tapestry pattern.

Last Saturday I made a little baby quilt out of some of the leftover big floral FQs from the packs I ordered for the Potpourri workshop, using only the yellow prints. It is quite cheery and in the week I have done a big meander on it using my frame. I plan to offer to my colleague at work who just had a little girl (the one I gave the hat and booties to).

The rest of this week I have been making Excel spreadsheet lists of my quilt projects and of my yarn stash. The yarn stash was particularly hard as I kept discovering more little caches of yarn that I had stashed all over the house and out in my knitting shed. I used Ravelry to look up all the gauge and fibre content information where I didn't have this from the ball band, and made a separate list for what's on my needles. I don't actually have as much yarn as it felt like I had, but I do have plenty of projects to tackle. The quilting project list is completely out of control, however, and not helped at all by the new fabric brought home from Hawaii.

I find I am feeling very ambivalent about quilting lately, because I already have too many quilts for personal use and have run out of storage room. There are a lot of quilts I would like to make, but don't necessarily want to keep once I make them. And I don't have a good outlet for those. You can't sell handmade quilts in the UK for more than the price of a blanket (unless you are famous), and I'm not very good about just giving things away as I have had several experiences where the recipient either wasn't too keen, or let their dog sleep on it, or wouldn't let their child have it because it was too 'good'. I've given a few away when someone has seen the quilt, or a picture, and fallen in love with it. We only have a small immediate family. Most local charities, like homes and hospitals, will machine wash quilts at hot temperatures frequently, and just destroy them rapidly. My quilting group donated several quilts to a home once for disabled children that we thought they would sell to raise funds, but they put them on the beds. It is a lot of work to hold a raffle or a sale, so I don't blame them, but they weren't just quick utility quilts. I did donate one quilt to the auction at my son's school, where it raised over £200. Which was impressive but still didn't cover the cost of materials and of long-arm quilting. In fact, I would be happy just to piece tops, I don't really enjoy the quilting part and I'm not that good at it. I wish we had something like Etsy here in the UK - I think it wouldn't work to use Etsy in the States as the quilts are big enough to get stopped for customs duty if posted.

I've started a pair of legwarmers from the Sally Melville Knit Stitch book, using a skein of Cascade 220 I bought in Hawaii (Cascade 220 is an imported and uncommon yarn in the UK). I'm still knitting the second Potpourri sock, and took it to I-knit's knitting night last night where I also did a few inches on DH's necktie - which has to be the most boring knitting project on the planet. Who knew how long men's ties were! It's like knitting a rope. I can't even knit it on autopilot because then I get the double decrease in the wrong place and the centre spine goes crooked. This may be DH's xmas present for next year.


swooze said...

I am glad you are getting over the jet lag. I still have room for new quilts but you have made me think about running out of room and having too many. Not an issue just yet!

swooze said...

Oh, and I am ROFLing over the truck. I will have to tell someone about that! Hope you are all settled back in soon.

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