Friday, 27 March 2009

Neck tie finished

I finally finished knitting the neck tie for my husband. This was from a pattern in the first or second issue of the Fons and Porter Love of Knitting magazine, and I knit it in Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn on 2.25mm dpns. If I had really thought about how long men's ties are, I might never have started it, but I persevered and finally finished it during a long car drive. DH is surprisingly taken with it, and has already worn it to work once (where it attracted no comment at all).

On the quilting front, I am handstitching down the binding on the jellyroll quilt, after machining it on during last Saturday's sewing club. I have loaded the last quilt onto the quilting frame, the second Accidental Landscape wallhanging, and am about halfway through the quilting. You have to change thread colour quite frequently so it takes time despite being a small wallhanging. Last Saturday I also started piecing the background to an appliqued tablerunner in 30s fabrics, from a pattern in a Quilter's Almanac magazine that I bought in Hawaii.

I've spent a few happy evenings this week filing paperwork into my albums and scrapbooks. I hadn't done much filing during 2008 so there was a lot to catch up on. I take photos of everything I make, so I have one album where I keep those photos and also any associated paperwork such as patterns, show entry forms, thank you letters from recipients etc. That album is divided by year tabs, so I can look back and see what I was working on in a particular year. I have another album where I keep 'inspiration' images, photos of quilts I've liked at shows, pictures ripped out of magazines and so forth. I also have photo boxes of loose photos from my trips to big quilt shows, the patchwork tours I've been on etc, plus one box for pictures of my non-quilty projects such as my dollshouses. My knitting photos are filed in a different album. Can you tell that I trained as a secretary?

Last night was DS's school concert. He was only in one piece so I was happily knitting on 'Hey Teach' through the rest of the pieces, because knitting doesn't impair my hearing and I didn't need to look at the other ensembles to enjoy them. I've taken the Potpourri sock on the train to work a few days this week, and am almost at the toe decrease now. Meanwhile in front of the tv I have revisited an old knitting project, the 'Learn to Knit Afghan' which is how I learned to knit a few years ago. I've done about 20 squares and there are 67 in the book. I felt like going back to it one night, so finished off one square (in popcorn stitch) and started another one.

Oh yes, the interview. Well, it went ok, but hard to say what impression I made. I liked the interviewer, who will be the boss's boss, once they fill the boss position, for the two jobs I've applied for. She had a script of tricky questions, the kind that make my mind go blank, like "Tell us about a time when you overcame a challenge in order to meet a deadline", or "Tell us how you overcame a resource pinch point (?huh?) or conflict in order to achieve your goal". Questions like that just make me feel tired. I guess I feel that I do a good job and that should speak for itself, but I guess when you are interviewing 10 people you have to have some kind of structure around the interview. The danger there is you end up hiring the one who can talk the best BS, not necessarily the one who can do the job best. I was depressed to hear that the full-time job will not be allowed to work from home for at least a year. I am crossing my fingers that I a) get a job, and b) it is the part-time job. The idea of having a four day weekend makes me practically drool in anticipation.


swooze said...

Very productive. Good for you! Hope all works out for the best on the job front.

Teresa said...

Good luck! Lets hope the interview can see past the BS.

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