Saturday, 14 March 2009

Thank goodness for crafts

I have been keeping my mind off my job situation by pottering around the house and catching up on some of the paperwork that piled up while we were away. And also doing some crafts.

I have loaded the last bed quilt onto my quilting frame, this is the American Jane jelly roll single, and am meandering my way along it. After that, I will just have one small wallhanging to quilt (another Accidental Landscape) and then I can PUT THE FRAME AWAY! It is going to make a pretty huge difference, getting a 7-foot long frame out of my bedroom. Also I will get my main sewing machine back, although for some time yet I am going to be finishing the quilting and sewing on binding onto all the tops I have been quilting the last 3 months. It's been three months since I have been able to open my underwear drawer without contorting myself around the end of the frame which sticks out almost to my dresser, so I may very well spend a happy 10 minutes opening and shutting my underwear drawer... just because I can.

Here is a picture of the baby quilt I finished last week. I gave it to my male colleague at work who has just had a little girl, and he was satisfyingly impressed with it. He later reported that his wife loves it as well and they may hang it on the wall of the nursery instead of just using it. Which is flattering but I think it would be nice for the baby to have it. Maybe she will get it when she is older.

I finished the pair of legwarmers from Sally Melville's Knit Stitch book, in Cascade 220 (a worsted wool). They are basically a knitted tube with decreases at one end to help it stay on the calf. They are lovely and warm and I plan to wear them under my work trousers on the way to work. Except that now it is Spring here and all our daffodils are up in the garden, so I may not actually be wearing them until next year. I did wear the first one to work last week, because it was finished and the day had an icy wind. It stayed up so well that I forgot I was wearing it until after lunch when I suddenly noticed that I still had one legwarmer on under my trousers. Hopefully no-one else noticed.

I wound my four balls of Kauni yarn, and punched a card ready to knit the Kauni cardigan. I have adapted the pattern to knit on my Brother 881 knitting machine, and I will do the ribs by hand. I may still steek the front, because then the stripes on the front will match up, but they aren't going to match the stripes on the back the way they would do if it were handknit. Winding the yarn was quite enjoyable because the dye sequence does follow the colours of the rainbow, so I found myself chanting "Richard Of York Gained Battles In Vain" (Red, Orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) as I was winding. Until I got to the fourth ball which confusingly was initially skeined as Vain in battles gained york of richard, so I had to wind it twice to get it onto the winder in the right sequence.

I am still working on 'Hey Teach' in Rowan Summer Tweed, I am up to the armholes and am now knitting the lace pattern for one front. The great thing about knitting with Denise interchangeable needles is that you can just leave the stitches on a spare cord with stops on the end, until you have all the pieces ready to join the yoke, so your needles are always available to knit with. I am also still working on the second Potpourri sock, but haven't done anything on it since I was at I-knit last week.

For a change of pace, I decorated a 'blank' tray from the hobby store by spraying the edge gold, and decoupaging the centre with some torn scraps of japanese origami paper, which has given it a sort of patchwork look. I've painted it with several coats of waterproof Mod Podge, now I have to let it dry 72 hours then we can use it for carrying cups of tea around.


swooze said...

I LOVE the baby quilt. Glad you are keeping busy. Missed you in chat today.

Teresa said...

Very nice baby quilt. I really like all the flowers and would never have thought of making a patch quilt like that with those fabrics - it looks like a seed magazine in design, just lovely!

old lace and roses said...

Love your blog! :)
The baby quilt was so pretty,a real spring quilt.

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