Friday, 24 April 2009

Another sunny day in Quilt City USA

The Exec Inn internet is finally letting me on so here I am early Friday morning. Outside the sun is rising on another warm sunny day, 80 degrees the last few days but not unpleasant as there has been a breeze. I had another great day yesterday and I''m feeling really relaxed.

I started the day with a 7am lecture from Gerald Roy on his collection of tops: "Women's work is never done", I've been to this lecture on most of my trips and it is always good. We saw some fantastic quilt tops. He said that tops should never be washed or finished, the former because it shreds the seam allowances and can make colours run, and the latter because they represent a moment in time and preserve the decision of the maker (for whatever reason) not to finish the quilt. His theory is that a lot of tops turned out not quite the way the quilter was expecting, or perhaps didn't look like something that would be accepted by her friends. I wonder if some of them were like me and just enjoyed piecing a lot more than they enjoyed quilting...

Then I joined one of the guided 90 minute bus tours that the City of Paducah is offering. We had a very knowledgeable guide who told us all about the famous people and events of Paducah as the coach drove slowly past some really beautiful homes. I had only ever seen the lower town area and the business area out by the mall, so it was a real surprise to drive through lovely streets past some really nice old houses. The tour included a trip to the Whitehaven mansion out by the interstate which is now the state visitor centre. Very elegant, with a big southern style columned portico out front.

Back in town I visited some more of the quilt vendors downtown on Broadway, and walked out to the lovely Grace Episcopal Church which was hosting a great display from the Heartland Lace Guild. They had displays of bobbin lace and tatting, and a vendor selling supplies for both crafts, and people demonstrating and free classes to make a bookmark. I know how to tat, and was able to buy a lovely wooden shuttle for my collection. They were very friendly and I had a good chat about tatting with a couple of ladies.

On the way back, I stopped into another church which was offering a Quilter's Lunch for only $7. While I was enjoying that, I got to know three quilters visiting from Houston (one was from New York), two of whom were knitters so we had a great chat about various quilting and knitting topics including the friendly local knitting shop "With Ewe in Mind" which I had visited the day before. I got some great bright red icelandic wool there which I would like to felt into mittens if I can find a pattern.

Then it was back to the show and I shopped my way around the rest of the vendors. I didn't buy anything except some Golden Threads quilting patterns which are 3 inches wide for home quilting systems, but I had fun looking. And in the evening it was "30 years with Eleanor Burns" at the Carson 4 Rivers Centre, a full house cheering the grand dame of quilting as she gave us a retrospective of her career and led us all in a version of the chicken dance.

Wish you were here?

1 comment:

Quilter Kathy said...

You sure saw a lot of things that I missed out on!
I could never get up for the 7 am lectures, but it sounds as if they were worthwhile hearing.
I'd like to learn to tat...I like the look of it.

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