Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I'm in Paducah!

I'm in Paducah, I'm actually in the library using their internet as my laptop refuses to connect to the wireless in the Executive Inn. It's great to be back in Paducah for the quilt show - my last visit was in 2005 and this year is the 25th anniversary of the show. Tonight is the big awards ceremony but I've already seen the prize winners at last night's sneak preview. The best in show this year is 'Renaissance Revival', a very vivid and closely worked applique quilt that almost looks like a tapestry or an illustration from an illuminated manuscript. There are a suprising number of traditional quilts in this year's show, which is great as I prefer those to the more modern art quilts.

So far it doesn't seem very crowded here in Paducah, I have been the sole passenger on the two trolley buses I have taken, Hancock's wasn't that busy, and at last night's sneak preview the vendor aisles were so empty that I felt conspicuous. Hopefully it will get busier, they've had a rough year here with the ice storm and all the problems with the Executive Inn, and I bet the credit crunch isn't helping.

I am not doing nearly as much shopping as in previous years, the exchange rate means that things really aren't too much cheaper. Although I did pick up some 5 inch charm squares from Moda reduced to $3.98 a pack, out at Hancock's, you can't beat that so I bought four packs which should make some kind of quilt. Hancock's were heavily marketing the Moda jelly rolls, layer cakes etc., they were stacked all around the store, and also little brown paper lunch bags of Moda scraps left over from cutting out the jelly rolls etc. for $9.98, I got a couple of those as well full of strips. So far I've been to Hancock's, the Rotary Club show, the National Quilt Museum, the AQS hurt book sale on Kentucky, the AQS vendors on Kentucky, and had a lovely stroll around some of the downtown antique stores. I also stumbled across the Quilt in a Day store downtown. Most of the downtown shops (outside the show) are selling fabric at $4 a yard, but it isn't necessarily current lines. Quilt in a Day had all their fabric reduced to $4/yd also.

This morning I am going to go out and try to find the knitting shop, 'With Ewe in Mind', and I think there is a knitting group meeting downtown at 1 pm which I will drop in on also. Then I am signed up for the afternoon tea party with Nancy Zieman. I am starting to feel like I am relaxing and enjoying myself, and putting some of my job troubles out of my mind. I'm here for the full week, not flying back until next Sunday, so I've got plenty of time to see the show and the other attractions around town. The weather is really good, warm and sunny but it doesn't feel too hot as there is a chilly wind.

Wish you were all here too!


Karen said...

I was at Paducah too! I felt sorry for the vendors in the sweltering temperatures in the building. The ceiling tiles were just about to fall in too. I didn't let it sway me and spent plenty! LOL

Quilter Kathy said...

Hey...I was there too! We were so close to meeting each other!

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