Monday, 27 April 2009


I'm safely back in the UK - I've had a nap and a shower and am feeling fairly human. Time for some photos!

I still had some photos on my camera from before I went:

Here is our completed wall unit, made from kitchen cabinets. We still haven't got the two old big cupboards out of the room so I can only take a sideways picture.

Here is my completed Accidental Landscape - Fall, which I started in a workshop in Sisters last year. I finished it at Saturday Sewing Club and gave it to my friend Eileen who admired it.

Downtown Paducah shops display quilts in their windows - here is a great DWR that I admired.

I took loads of photos of quilts at the show, far too many to post here, plus AQS have published a reminder that their policy is that quilt images should not be posted on the internet without permission from the maker.

Here is a shot of the newly-renovated Galleria - this is where the hotel shops and tea room used to be, but they gutted it then moved all the vendors up from underneath the pool area. It got really hot in here when the sun shone. This is just one of several vendor areas.

I don't know why, but there was a giant fibreglass cow parked on Broadway, downtown, which everyone was posing in front of for photos. The National Quilt Museum is behind where I am standing, and there are quilt vendors here and also over on Kentucky. And lots of antique shops.

More photos in the next post!


Jeanne said...

Nice photos. It was a great show!

Quilter Kathy said...

I think everyone must get their photos taken with the quilt cow!

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