Thursday, 9 April 2009

The waiting game

Earlier this week we were told that we would find out whether we were successful or not in our job applications on Thursday - today. So the whole week has been a waiting game, and today I am just sitting here waiting for the call or meeting request or email - not sure how I will find out and no time given.

Spookily, yesterday on my way out of the building, I bumped into the HR man who originally hired me into the company 17 years ago. I rarely see him as almost 4,000 people work in this complex - so what does it mean? Coincidence? .... or not?.....

UPDATE: well, I had to wait all morning, and by lunchtime I was feeling a bit hysterical. My line manager was like "Oh! haven't you heard yet?? I should probably call and find out what the timetable is..." - like, DUH. I finally got the call about 1:10 pm, by which time I knew it had to be bad news because my colleague had her appointment at 10:30 am. Sure enough, I was unsuccessful in my two applications.

I am feeling a bit rejected but also like it is probably a good thing. I definitely didn't want the full time job once I found out more about it, and the part-time job (although I would have loved it) probably wasn't a good career move.

Let's just hope something else comes up before the end of the year.... or I am going to running out of fabric and yarn money which would be a BAD thing...

1 comment:

Penny said...

It didn't sound like it was handled very well - the whole waiting game is no fun. And to be told the day before a long weekend as well.

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