Saturday, 30 May 2009

Lazy days of summer

We've just come back from a few days of camping in Dorset (near Dorchester), and for once we had lovely summer weather - apart from one day which was driving rain and gale force winds, which just happened to be the day I had pre-booked a day trip to the Isle of Wight as a special treat. At least I found out that my new waterproof rain mac from Land's End is, in fact, waterproof. The trouble with macs is that your top stays dry but your legs still get soaked.

Anyway, in between helping Ds with Greek, Latin and French flashcards (and I found out that I can knit and read flashcards off my knee at the same time), I did lots of lazing around in the sun (when it wasn't too hot) or in the shade. When we were younger, we used to pooh pooh the people who drove all the way to Dorset then spent the days sitting next to their caravan in a deck chair instead of going out sightseeing. Now that we are middleaged, we see the attraction of just switching off, unwinding, listening to the birds and the wind, and not feeling the constant pull of indoor chores. I didn't want to come home.

I finished the first sock for Dh, this is in Red Heart 'Heart and Sole' which I bought in Paducah at Hobby Lobby. It is supposed to have Aloe in it as well, but I didn't notice any softening effect as I was knitting. I did like the yarn, great colours and easy to knit with. The pattern is the standard Regia free pattern leaflet, which I quite like. I found this yarn a bit thicker than normal sock yarn, so even though I knit the same size as I normally would for myself, it came out big enough for my husband's foot (he is a 9.5 UK and I am only a 7UK). I used 2.5mm needles.

We spent one afternoon at a gorgeous garden in Kingston Maurward, near Dorchester, an Arts and Crafts garden laid out next to a Georgian stately home (now used as a college). Here are some of the lovely things we saw.

I'm still sewing down binding - trying to use small stitches as it is going in a show, it is taking for-ev-er.

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craftingismylife said...

Hi Sharon, Just wanted to say hi and see what you've been up to on your website. I love the pictures of the gardens. They remind me of my trip to Ireland. We went to see an old museum type house and the gardens were very similar. Of course, I don't remember the name of the museum, where it was, etc. (Old age!)

Very pretty pics and your miniature knitting shop is adorable!
Colleen (From Woolly Lamb Yarn Studio in Chicago)

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