Friday, 1 May 2009

More photos

Life is getting back to normal now, although I am still ploughing through piles of stuff and paperwork that all needs to be put away, or dealt with in some fashion. I swear it breeds overnight... Here are some more photos, and here is a link to a good description of the Paducah experience.

Here is one of the lovely homes I saw while on the free guided city tour of Paducah. I was surprised at some of the very attractive residential areas we drove through, because I had only ever seen the more rundown area around the show and the commercial area out by the mall.

And everywhere are the lovely blooming dogwood trees. The Dogwood Tour was cancelled this year as they were afraid the trees would be too damaged by the ice storm, but our guide said that in fact the dogwood trees had fared pretty well, perhaps because they are smaller and lighter so their branches didn't snap off as much.

While I was in America I collected back one of my quilts which I had left there last year for hand quilting. It eventually ended up with Esther, a 92-year-young German Baptist lady, who has done a gorgeous job of handquilting on it. I bought these vintage fan blocks about 9 years ago at the Houston show, and set them in a setting that I had seen in a new quilt on one of the Houston booths (photographed with permission) using antique muslin for the setting squares, then I added an ice cream cone border of reproduction fabrics. I felt that machine quilting would be inappropriate and so I am very glad that it now has been finished off with such an exquisite design. I just need to bind it now. I slept under this quilt while at the Paducah show, as I was on a blow-up bed sharing a room with my American friends at the Executive Inn.

And here is all the stuff I bought and managed to haul back, including fabric from Hancock's, a book, some patterns, the Wool-Ease, some sock yarn, and some vintage linens from a booth at the Civic Centre.

Here is the very spring-like 30s scrappy quilt that I bought at the show - the dealer said some of the fabrics are feedsacks and she thinks it may never have been washed as the fabrics are still like new. I love that apple green and all the scrappy fabrics. The hexagons are quilted with a somewhat crude shamrock or flower motif.

Just before I left, the clematis on my knitting shed in the garden was starting to blossom, and by the time I got back it is in its full glory. Hard to tell there is even a shed under there.

The ebay purchasers finally removed the two old cabinets, so for the first time in several weeks our living room is back almost to normal and I can finally show you the wall unit that we built out of kitchen cupboards and a mirrored wardrobe from Ikea. The room seems so much bigger and brighter now, without the two dark cupboards closing in the room. I've become accustomed to seeing most of my big houses on display, and it doesn't feel so daunting, although I am still thinking "must finish those" every time I go in the room.

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Quilter Kathy said...

I enjoyed seeing your purchases!
Your clematis is glorious!

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