Saturday, 18 July 2009

Be careful what you wish for...

Remember the heat wave we had a few weeks ago, and I was complaining about how uncomfortable it was. Well, we've gone right the other way now and it has been raining off and on for several days, including the last three nights when we were trying to enjoy a camping holiday down in Dorset. After struggling with heavy rain for two days, we gave up and came home a day early, today, taking advantage of a brief interlude of not-rain overcast weather to get the tent and awning dried out. Thankfully the tent is quite waterproof so we were dry inside, but struggling around outside in rain macs and carrying umbrellas was not my idea of a good time. Now I have Sunday back as a gift, so I am planning to spend it quilting.

I found this lovely English spongeware handmade mug at a gift shop - it really reminded me of a quilt. I also found a couple of knitting books at a secondhand book store, and also found copies of two different American quilt magazines at a newsagent, so I had some good reading on the trip. And of course I was knitting: on my Scandinavian pattern sock, and on my Pi Shawl.

This week in dollshouse land, I finished accessorising my kitchen counter for the office in my quilt shop, then installed it in the office next to the cupboard I filled last week and the sales counter. Again, most of the accessories are printables I found on the internet.

I also finally finished Hey Teach, and it has turned out really well. I am quite pleased with it and wore it to work on Tuesday where I felt very special. As usual no-one said anything, I always wonder if this is because my item looks so professional that no-one thinks anything of it, or because it looks so home-made that everyone is embarrassed for me...

I finished the back of the Kauni cardigan on my Brother 260 chunky machine. Only there has now been a change of plans. It seems to have come out far too long, even though the width is about right. Also, the colours are much more earth-toned than they looked in the pattern picture and I don't like them as much as I liked the rainbow-brights I thought I was going to get. So I jokingly said to my husband: "this would fit you" and he immediately said "ok" because he really loves it. So now I am suddenly making a Kauni men's v-neck sweater.... This is knit entirely from two yarns, both of which change colours according to the rainbow order ROYGBIV, and you start the pattern with the colours offset by two.

As mentioned, last Saturday we started the new Garden BOM in my Saturday quilting group. The first two patterns were a watering can full of flowers, and a foundation-pieced snail. I combined mine into one block. The flowers are cut out from a printed fabric, the leaves from another, and fused onto bias stems. This is going to be a fun quilt to make. As I am a 'cake now' person, I am just going to make all the blocks (which are in random sizes) and see how I can make them fit together into a quilt afterwards.

On our second day, before the really heavy rain set in, we went to a water garden outside of Weymouth, where they have made a lovely replica of Monet's bridge, surrounded by water lilies. This is a view out from one of the gazebos, with the bridge in the distance.


Teresa said...

So much to see - I don't jnow where to start. Your sweater is fabulous!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

You aren't alone!!! We've just returned home early from our very wet and windy camping holiday in North Wales! We were meant to camp for 10 days and only managed 3 thanks to the weather. Once everything is wet, it's very hard to dry out! Blooming British weather!!!

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