Friday, 3 July 2009

It's hot in the summer

The UK is having an uncharacteristic heat wave, with temperatures soaring up to the low 30s celsius over the past week (apparently this resulted in temperatures in the 40s at Wimbledon on the courts). As most domestic buildings do not have air con, this has meant very hot nights. My office and train are luckily air conditioned (not all are), but when I get home I throw open all my windows and interior doors and put fans on to try to move out some of the hot air before bedtime. I've also been staying up quite late waiting for the bedroom to cool down. So more knitting time in the evenings, but more tired in the day time. And I don't go outside much during the day, as I burn easily and don't cope well with the heat. I hope it isn't going to be like this all summer. It's supposed to be cooler this weekend thankfully.

Thanks to the extra knitting time, I have now got 'Hey Teach' blocked and sewn together. I've also knitted the neckband, and just need to pick up for the front bands. I've tried it on, and it fits and looks cute. I will confess that I discovered that not only did the front shoulders not match the back shoulders, they don't even match each other! Obviously I have a fair way to go on the 'decreasing lace correctly' front. But we all have to start somewhere. I was able to bodge together the shoulders seams ok, and I don't think many people will notice that the lace pattern on the front shoulders is not identical. OK, some knitters might notice, but nobody likes the knitting police so we will ignore them. This is a pattern from and I've knit it in Rowan Summer Tweed.

I had hoped to show you my Scandinavian pattern sock almost completed, but last night at my son's school concert (yes, I was knitting, and thank god) I tried it on and discovered that the foot was far too snug. So I had to rip it back to the heel pick up. I think what has happened is that the regular stripe pattern on the foot (K1 MC, K1 CC) had encouraged my fingers to tighten up on stranding, so the knitting suddenly got tighter than the more irregular fair isle pattern on the cuff. I am knitting the foot again and taking pains to strand loosely this time.

I've knit a bit more on my lace shawl in Sirdar Juicy, it is likely about half way now. It feels lovely when I drape it over my shoulders, but as usual with lace it is scrunched together much narrower than it needs to be. I hope this yarn is going to block well, I've only really blocked wool and cotton before. It will be annoying if I get all the way to the end and find out I've knit a scarf.

I finished sewing on the binding on my big log cabin quilt earlier this week. It looks great but of course it has been far too hot to even think of having it on my bed. Even sewing on it was hot work, I had to try to drape it over the back of the sofa so it didn't cover up my legs.

And as part of my new schedule, I made myself do some dollshousing. I am trying to be more disciplined about this, because I have so many houses waiting to be 'finished' on the inside. Not too mention boxes of components and furniture waiting to be worked on to go into the houses, and meanwhile cluttering up my real house. I put together the kit I bought at SIMP in Paris, which is boxes of little cards wound with 'Anchor' tapestry yarn. They are a bit out of scale I think, but look nice as a display in my shop counter. I filled the rest of the shop counter with a gift box display I made from a free cut-out in a magazine, and with ribbon wound onto some of the reels I assembled from a kit by 'Lisa's Little Things'. I glued a tape measure onto the top of the counter for measuring the ribbons at point of sale. Now I need to make a cash register and credit card machine, and paint my plastic telephone to go on top of the counter. This is in 1/12th scale and is the sales counter for my quilt shop.

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Teresa said...

I enjoy your blog and seeing the progress both on in your knitting and doll house. I have a doll house started and just never finished it - finally gave it to my daughter for her daughter to play with. I don't think she has finished it either,lol. The pictures from France are wonderful - thanks for sharing

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