Sunday, 26 July 2009

Quiet weekend

It's been an odd weekend because the plans we had for both Saturday and Sunday fell through, so abruptly instead of having a busy weekend, I've been at a bit of a loose end. The weather continues to mystify, moving from blue skies and sunshine right through to thunderstorms and driving rain, and back again all in one day. Saturday I was in a bit of a bad mood because of my situation at work but my lovely dh set up a deck chair in the garden (this was during one of the sunny periods) and I sat out there with a Pimms and lemonade, my knitting, and a good book, and managed to calm down and really relax.

Today we went for a walk over in Windsor, down the big avenue of trees in front of Windsor castle. I don't know how long it is, but it must be at least a couple of miles because it took us an hour to get to the end of it and my legs were quite sore by the time we got back to the car. We did not see the Queen, but there were sure a whole lot of tourists milling around the streets outside the castle. Apparently there is a knitting shop in Windsor called 'Pincushion 2', I will have to try to find it (I just saw the address in a knitting magazine). Here is a picture I took at the top of the avenue, looking back to the castle looming on the horizon.

After my big sew-out last Sunday, I haven't done any sewing this week until today, when I started piecing strip sets to cut 60 degree triangles for the border of my Hawaiian batik quilt. The border can't be too wide, only about 5 inches in total, and I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I was thinking piano keys or striped blocks, but the colour wasn't broken up sufficiently, so I got out a 60 degree ruler I've never used and tried cutting triangles out of the strip sets, and I think that is going to work. Just a bit boring piecing all the strips together, but I made enough for one side of the quilt before I stopped.

In front of the tv this week I have been stitching down the border of my Crossed Canoes quilt, I've almost finished the third side. I have got to get some vari-focals with clear glass in the bottom half, because it is getting really annoying trying to stitch or knit in front of the tv when it is a programme I actually want to see clearly (and thus need my glasses). I have to balance my glasses right on the end of my nose like some kind of granny so that I can see over them to do my close up work, then tilt my head back to see the tv through the glasses. Urrrg. I used to be able to still see close up through my glasses, but now I can't see sufficiently for fine work. Most of the time I don't bother with my glasses, I don't mind the world being a bit fuzzy as long as I'm not trying to drive or watch a film.

Knitting this week has been mostly on my Noro Matsuri cardigan. I've finished the 4.5" of moss stitch at the bottom border and have started the stockinet stitch. I did do some more knitting on the Kauni v-neck jumper out in my knitting shed, I am about halfway up the front and will be binding off soon for the armholes. I am having to guesstimate how to decrease for the V-neck by comparing the already-knitted back to another V-neck sweater of my husband's and counting stitches and rows. It was one of those days though when it feels like somebody up there doesn't want you to be knitting. The yarn broke as I started across one row and I lost about 20 stitches off the needles of the machine. I fixed that and knit a few more rows, but on my next fair isle row, about 30 stitches fell off the machine because I had forgotten to push the fair isle button back in on the carriage. I fixed that one and gave up for the day, it obviously wasn't meant to happen.

I did some more work on the 1/48th soda fountain scene inside the Coca Cola tin, and the upper floor is more or less finished. This is inspired by a group project that was featured in American Miniaturist magazine a while back. The tables are made with scrapbooking brads and aluminium tubing, the chairs are velvet brads with paperclip backs, and the wall decorations are a combination of scrapbooking stickers that I found in Paducah and print outs from the internet. Instructions for the jukebox were given in the magazine. The glasses of 'coke' are glue tip caps filled with black paint. I need some more velvet brads to make more stools for the ground floor and I've run out. I looked online, and they only cost £1.99 but the sites I looked at wanted to charge 3 pounds or more for postage, and one even had a £10 minimum order. Hmmmm.

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