Friday, 28 August 2009

Last week of summer

It's the last week of the summer, and this weekend is a long weekend in the UK and for once they are predicting 30 degree sunshine (it usually rains). Next week marks a turning point for me as well, since from 1 September I am handing over almost everything I do at work, to people who still have jobs. I'm not actually redundant until the end of the year, so not really sure what I am going to be doing for the next four months. I am concerned that I am going to be really really bored. I think I will ask if I can work from home two days a week to cut down on the "sitting at a desk pretending to have a job" nonsense - and more crafting time!!

I've also discovered I have 8 days of holiday left which they want me to use up before they dump me. I am now in a dilemma as I am tempted to sign up for a quilting trip to Japan. Before it wasn't possible because I didn't think I had the holiday left, and I didn't have the money. Now I have the possibility of a big severance payment in my future, and 8 days to use up. But then I think "I must be sensible, and conserve my funds because I don't know what's coming and it may be hard to get another job". On my other shoulder, the little red quilter with the horns is shrieking "BUT YOU MAY NEVER GET ANOTHER CHANCE! GO FOR IT!" Trouble is, a little miniature mother-in-law is sitting on the first shoulder along with the sensible person.

Before I tell you what I've been up to this week, can I put in a plea for you to set your Blogger profiles to receive replies? I love getting comments, and I always try to reply, but some of you have your profile set to 'no email' so I get the dreaded return address.

This week:

I finally finished the bunka rug which I started in dollshouse club about two years ago. This was my first bunka project and I didn't really enjoy it, I found it very fiddly. For those who don't know, bunka is a kind of chained cord that you can unravel into a wiggly cord, which looks very like rug pile when you glue it down. I didn't do a very good job on the middle of the rug, it looks a bit bald. I have put this rug into my knitting shop for now.

My Sirdar Juicy lace stole is now 48" long. The pattern calls for 70" and I don't know if I will knit that much, but it does need to be longer than 48" in order to wrap cosily. It is draping beautifully and I am still hoping it is going to block out a bit wider.

At the London Dollshouse Festival at Kensington in May, I commissioned a fishing doll from Crumpled and Rumpled to live in my Rik Pierce Ratty's House. This is a difficult house because it is so fantasy and I didn't want to do Wind in the Willows. I saw this guy and wondered if my house could be a sort of riverside folly for a rich young gentleman. He turned up earlier this week in the post. Here he is in the living room, trying it on for size.

I finished the second windowbox of geraniums and am now working on an urn to stand by the front door. I'm going to add some strands of miniature ivy to this one.

I haven't done any more on my applique block from the camping week, but I thought you might like to see what it looks like so far.

I saw a neat pattern on Moda bakeshop for fabric binder covers. I've got my scrapbooks of quilts I've made, and inspiration pictures, in big binders so this would be a great way of making them look nicer.
Other than that, I've finished most of the 60-degree triangles for the border of the Hawaian batik quilt and have started sewing them together into long border strips. I'm about halfway through the first sleeve on the Kauni machine-knit sweater - I had to do a re-start when I realised that I had started the decreases too early.


swooze said...

Wow everything looks great. You really have been busy.

Denise said...

I'm on the devil side ;) I think if you have a chance to go somewhere interesting go for it because you never know you might never get another chance. It will give you some great memories as well! Something to think about when you are old and sitting in your

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