Friday, 14 August 2009

Senior moment?? I'm only in my 40s!!

We went camping last weekend and, for once, had glorious sunshine. We turned up Friday night, intending to join a local meet in a farm field near Henley, only to find it had been cancelled. But the farmer said we could camp there anyway. So we had the field to ourselves, up on a hillside looking down over the Thames valley, total peace and quiet, with horses and sheep in fields around us. It was wonderful and so private, and now my DH says he doesn't want to camp any other way.

On Saturday we drove over to Windsor and I got to check out the knitting shop: 'The Pincushion 2', run by a very nice man who does brilliant cross stitch. They have cross stitch and tapestry supplies and some haberdashery, and about half the shop is yarn, mostly Sirdar. I hadn't intended to buy anything, much less start anything new, but they had some colours of Rico Pompon yarn that I hadn't seen before and I ended up buying a ball. It comes with a pattern for a scarf, so I bought some needles and got started. This is really weird yarn, it is like a cord punctuated with ultra-soft puffs every few inches. You knit stitches in the cord, and let the puffs sit on the outside of your garter stitch knitting. It takes a few minutes to get used to, but then it is easy to knit with and it is like letting soft marshmallows slip through your fingers. I became totally addicted and churned out most of a scarf over the weekend as it knits up really quickly. The shop owner showed me how to cast on: you make a backwards loop, skip a puff, make two backwards loops in the next thread section, skip a puff, etc. and end with a single stitch. Then you knit back, so every thread has two stitches and the end stitches get knit twice in that bit of thread. However, I can't figure out any way to cast off apart from crocheting off with a separate yarn, which seems to be the popular solution on the internet as well. The resulting scarf is the most luscious soft cuddly velvety wonderful thing, I may just roll around on it rather than wear it. I think I will buy another ball and make a xmas present for my m-i-l. I don't really know what else you could do with this yarn, it may be a one-trick pony.

I'm not very happy with the sewing machines I cast out of plaster, they look really crude. They will do as a placeholder for now, but I will have to look out for some affordable machines that look better. However, I have been working on some paper-punched geranium kits for my French tower house.

And here's where the senior moment came in. A couple of years ago, I bought some paper-punched kits from Georgina Steeds, to fill windowboxes with a European look for the outside of my French tower house. Sunday night, after we got back from camping, I had a free hour and in a burst of virtuousness, decided I would finally get around to doing those kits. And do you think I could find them??? no, I couldn't. I looked for an hour (the hour I was intending to do something, which is really irritating) and turned the place upside down. I found the container they should have been in, and I looked in the two alternate places I would have expected them to be in if they weren't in the container, then I looked in about 80 other places, but no luck.
I eventually gave up and ordered some more. Georgie doesn't seem to have a website so I ordered from sdk miniatures in the US, and they arrived very promptly. So I've been working on those - I had to paint the leaves to look like geraniums, and am slowly cupping all the tiny red blossoms and gluing them to beads to make the flower heads. The leaves are laser cut so have a good shape, and I've glued them all onto stems now. I think it will look good - eventually.


swooze said...

Wow I can't imqgine making those flowers!

I think i have my computer woes sorted out so hope to be back in chat soon.

Denise said...

I think the pompon yarn is so cute! It would make a lovely bathmat dont you think?

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