Sunday, 23 August 2009

Summer days

The good weather has continued, and we've just come back from a week of camping, which was our last big holiday for the summer. Where has August gone?? I had such plans to really get down to quilting, and in fact I've hardly done any sewing at all. We had a lovely relaxing time, with great weather, three nights in Kent and five nights on the Isle of Wight. Lots of cream teas, thatched cottages, a river boat ride, paddling in the sea, relaxing with books and knitting and even a visit to an archaeology dig.

Before we left, I finished the first window box of geraniums that I blogged about last week. I am pleased with it, it has turned out fairly well. Unfortunately when we got home from camping, I opened the window to let some fresh air in, and the wind promptly blew several loose petals around on my desk that hadn't been glued yet. I can't face it yet, but I will have to crawl around on hands and knees and see if I can find them.

I took three knitting projects with me: the Sirdar Juicy lace stole, the Pi Shawl and the 2nd Scandinavian pattern sock. I worked on all of them, but was wishing I had taken some uncomplicated stockinette knitting that I could just get on with, instead of all fiddly patterns.

I also took my applique block, thinking that I would get loads done as we relaxed on site. And I would have done, except that when I opened up my sewing project bag, I found that the tracings I had carefully made by drawing around templates with water-removable felt tip pen, had almost all disappeared! I guess all that humid and rainy weather we had for early August was just too much for the water-soluble ink and it evaporated. Very annoying when you are on a campsite in Kent and your templates are back home. I improvised by drawing a new flower on some paper and drawing around it with pencil on the fabric to create eight identical flowers. But as they were a slightly different shape, they don't exactly line up with the registration marks I had traced on the background. I went ahead and started appliquing them anyway, hopefully they will all look symetrical when I am done. I do like applique, when I have enough light, but I can virtually only do it in one position: I have to be sitting, with one leg propped up so that I can spread the block out to be partially supported on my knee. Great for sewing in front of the tv, not so useful for most other situations. Luckily I can replicate this position in our camping chairs. I do needleturn applique, either using a vinyl overlay for positioning, or sometimes tracing faint registration marks on the background. I use short sequin pins to pin the shapes to the fabric, with the outline traced on the right side, and a 1/8th seam allowance.

It's nice to be back home, and I'm sure eventually all the laundry will get done and everything from the holiday will get put away. Not long until it's back to school, so we have the whole 'come and try on your school uniform' argument to look forward to, not to mention the "let's clean out your pencil bag and book bag' fight, and I don't even want to think about the "why don't you look over your Greek and Latin work to refresh your mind after the summer" fireworks...

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Teresa said...

So cute. I always admire your minature things.

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