Friday, 25 September 2009

Gearing up for interviews but still crafting

I've been out today and bought my 'interview suit'. The whole finding-a-new-job thing is really moving up a gear: I went on a full day Interview Skills training course last week which was really good. Things have sure changed since I last had to do an interview. I've also got my CV finished now, and am working on my sales pitch. So much work, it makes me tired. And I haven't even started really getting out there and trying to get interviews. I've got until the end of December so somehow it still feels a bit early as many jobs want you to start right away. I don't have much actual work any more for my company as I've handed it over to people who have jobs, although there may be some project work coming up.

I've completed the 1/48th Hallowe'en house apart from furnishing, and here are some pics with my real black cat in the background for scale. This is a Karen Cary Theme House which I purchased from Judith of In Some Small Way here in the UK. I kitbashed it a bit by opening up the space into the porch roof. I will build a ladder for the inside and I am hoping the bedroom furniture will fit up there. It comes with halloween furniture but I haven't made that yet. I love the skirting board which has little black bat cut-outs, and the windowboxes which are full of skulls and witch hats. The kit went together quite well, the only problem was that the spacers used to position the porch roof were a tiny smidgen longer than the porch railing posts, so that my porch railings don't actually make much contact with the roof they are supposedly supporting. The porch railings are also incredibly fragile, I broke both of them while assembling, and broke one again once they were in place. I am trying to keep my hands well away when I handle the house now. It's really cute though.

Further to last week's stash management question (to which I got one reply! thank you. Sometimes I wonder if only three other people read this blog... :) I have now photographed all of my indoor knitting stash which includes most of the UFOs (8), and have printed out the photos, pasted them on recipe cards and written on relevant information like gauge etc. There is loads more out in my knitting shed. I feel more organised, but it remains to be seen whether this will be enough to overcome my shopping compulsion. I can test it at the Alexandra Palace knitting show which is coming up soon. Perhaps I should take the cards with me in my bag.

I've actually been sewing! I cut out a halloween quilt from the novelty fabrics I bought in Hawaii, using the method in the book "9-Patch Pizzazz" by Judy Sisneros. I've sewn my strip sets and cut them, and cut out my focus fabric, just need to put my nine-patches together now.

I've started my second Harry Potter sock, and am almost finished the second Scandinavian pattern sock, just need to do the toe decrease. I've also progressed my Noro Matsuri cardigan which I knit in the round to the armholes in stockinette, with moss stitch front bands. It seemed to take forever to get to the armhole, but now that I am just doing one front, it is whizzing along. I am almost ready to cast off the shoulder. I've even done a bit more on my Sirdar Juicy lace stole, which is about 50" long now.

And I made the next blocks for my Garden BOM quilt that I am doing with my sewing group. The block on the right is this month's blocks: a flower pot and a daisy. I combined them into one block and added a butterfly using fusible applique. The block on the left is the sample for the October blocks, both foundation pieced: a rose on a stem, and an open rose. I scaled down the open rose to match the rose on a stem, and managed to combine them all into one block with a bit of bodging.

Tomorrow there is a knitting party at the I-knit shop in London with Debbie Bliss, I might go up to that after lunch.


Teresa said...

Good luck with the job hunt. As far as the stash managment - good luck, my is totally unmanaged.

Penny said...

We were all needed tips on stash management as well, that's why we didn't reply.

swooze said...

Love the little house. The blocks look great too.

Denise said...

See there are more than three people who read your blog. I have been destashing and organizing. I am donated some of the yarn that I know I will not use to some charities. I have some wire blocks that I put together to hold 1/2 of my yarn and the rest is in plastic bins in the closet. Enjoy the time you have to finish all your projects. Hope you find a job soon!


Quilter Kathy said...

Good luck with the new job search.
I have no tips for the stash...mine is a complete disaster!

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