Friday, 4 September 2009

Shazam! It's Autumn

And just like that, the weather has turned and it is now fairly chilly. The Bank Holiday weekend was a bit of a swiz, it was overcast and very windy and didn't get sunny until after we came home from our camping trip on Monday. We had a neat location this time, in the middle of a deer park with a herd of deer grazing in it and even coming up to wander around the campground. There was a stag with antlers and about 15 other adult and baby deer.

Lots of pics this week, which is kind of a pain because Blogger will no longer let me drag photos off the screen - the text simply won't scroll. So I can only drag them one screen at a time, which takes forever. If anyone knows how to fix this, please tell me. I can't cut and paste them either. Well I can cut them, but then they are gone and won't paste. I tried cutting and pasting the html code, but it was just too fiddly.

I finished the urn of geraniums, and added some strands of ivy coming out one side.

I made some more ivy strands, and filled these two wall pots that I bought at SIMP in Paris - they will go on the walls of the ground floor room of the French tower, which is like a courtyard in between the arches.

I painted the tables and chairs for the workshop area of the quilting shop - you can see them here with the plaster sewing machines on them. This floor is still in progress, I need to work on the furniture on the back wall, and accessorise it all. And I came up with a cool solution to the problem of turning this house around. As it is an American house, it opens at the back. But I want to display it with the front showing. I did have it on a normal turntable, but as you have to pull the house forward to get sufficient room to pivot its big base, the house kept coming off the little turntable. Then I spotted this in the Lakeland mail order catalogue, on half price. It is on sturdy casters and meant for heavy plant pots, so it carries the weight of the house with ease. Now I can 'drive' the house around on the counter top to pivot it easily.

I wanted to get DS a plain masculine tote bag to stop having to lend him my quilty ones (turned inside out so he doesn't have to be embarrassed by an AQS logo) but couldn't find a masculine tote anywhere. I did find a really naff (stupid) tote at Claire's Accessories which was plain black on one side. It was on sale for £1 each, so I bought two and cut off the plain side of each one. I cut a gusset out of the naff logo which I used inside out so the bag is all plain black on the outside, and stitched it back together - hey presto, a big sturdy tote.

And it's the Big Knit time again, when thousands of knitters churn out hundreds of thousands of tiny hats to adorn bottles of Innocent smoothies, to raise money for the charity Age Concern. I was a little more adventurous in this, my third year of contributing. Instead of the standard hat with pompom, I tried out a few ideas in sock yarn. You will see I have once again added the 'hatometer' to my blog, so we can enjoy watching the little hats pour in. I posted my three contributions off today. The decorated bottles will be in store from 4th November, so I look forward to knit-spotting at my local Sainsbury's supermarket then.

And lastly, I have finally knit enough of the Gull's Wing lace pattern on my Pi Shawl to take a photo of it. I have to say that for all the work this has been (knitting 574 stitches on a row now), I am disappointed with it. It doesn't really look like much. I think I am going to stop after 24 rows (six repeats) and switch back to plain stockinette. It's not worth having to do all the work of keeping track of the pattern for so little result and I'm not enjoying it so I haven't been knitting on it much.

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